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Enhanced Learning in Key Stage 1



In Key Stage 1 (years 1 &2) the children are being taught from the National Curriculum. The subjects are: English, Mathematics, Science, PE (physical education), Computing, Art & Design, Design Technology, PE, History, Geography and Music. In addition Religious Education (RE) is taught weekly as a legal requirement.


In our school speaking, reading, writing and mathematics are taught through other subjects where possible so that there is a cross curricular approach to learning. The expectation is that children’s learning is embedded and they can apply skills learnt independently. For example, children were role playing being the royal family in Year 1, so speaking and listening to each other. Also they read and followed recipes to bake for a royal tea party.


The English curriculum includes: spoken language, reading and writing. Reading and writing also includes children learning and applying phonics. There is a phonics session taught every day.

In our school there is a core reading scheme, Oxford reading Tree which is used but there are also schemes to support pre reading and early reading skills. Our books are colour coded and include scheme and non-scheme books. Children are taught to read fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Each child has a green folder so that families can support reading at home.




In addition, teachers and year leaders plan enrichment activities to further engage children in their learning. These enrichment opportunities are mainly funded by the school as leaders and governors believe in the value of these activities.

This term in Year 2 there will be visits from the fire brigade, police, nurse and RNLI (royal life boat institution) so that children can develop an understanding of being healthy and safe. The queen visited Year 1 for the royal tea party which supported the children’s learning about our British values and heritage.


There are clear routines and structures in our school that start from the Nursery and go through to Year 2. Every class starts the morning and afternoon with a class session. The children are split into two groups for this session with the teacher and teaching assistant alternating which group they teach.


The children are taught in ability groups for reading, writing and mathematics. Throughout a week, a group will be taught in a guided session with the teacher or teaching assistant and the rest of the time work independently. There are many occasions when the children are able to choose the peers they are working with.



All adults use on-going assessment to inform them of children’s understandings and misconceptions of their learning. Teachers will reshape a session accordingly. Marking and feedback are used so that children know their next steps. In addition teachers assess children using the new curriculum once a term to ensure children are on track to achieve Age Related Expectations (ARE). This is then reported to parents during parent evening and in a final written report at the end of the academic year.