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Healthy Teeth

The children in Year 2 enjoyed a fun demonstration on how to take care of their teeth.

I leart that you need teeth to sing, talk, chew and bite. I leart that you should brush two times a day. I learnt that you should visit the dentist one time a year. I learnt that water has no suger in. I learnt that capri sun has 8 tea spoons full of suger in.

Louis- Butterfly Class - 15.10.14

I leant that you need teeth. You should not have coke because it has 7 spoons of sugar in it. You have to brush your teeth 2 times a day. You should not have toffee popcorn because there are 24 spoons of sugar in it. You should not have caprisun because it has 8 spoons of sugar in it.  You can have milck if you want because it makes your teeth strong and makes your bones stong as well but it hase 1 spoon of suger in it but you can still have milck. Water is your 5-a-day. Milck is cind of your 5-a-day. Toffee popcorn is not healthy for you. Coke is not healthy for you. Caprisun is not heathy for you.

Lily - Butterfly Class - 15.10.14