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Reception Classes visit Bocketts Farm

On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April, the Reception classes visited Bocketts Farm Park in Fetchem, Leatherhead.

Children enjoyed small animal handling, a goat milking session, a tractor ride where they saw lots of animals along the way such as; sheep with their lambs, cows, horses and donkeys.




They also had a tour of the farm, including the stables and the big barn.


 The children even saw a pig race of which they really enjoyed! Ask your child which pig won!


Here are quotes from some of our Reception children:

Quote by Lilly in Tiger Clas-


"I liked the lambs because they're so cute. I liked the baby chicks because they were all fluffy. I liked the baby goats... I got to stroke one. It was so soft! Two of them were racing around!"


Quote from Natasha in Lion Class-


"I liked the Shetland Pony. I love Ponies! Her name was Tristar. Her fur was turning white. I liked touching the rabbit too. He tried to hop out of the basket! At the end we looked at all the different size eggs... They were hatching. It was interesting".


Quote from Archie in Giraffe Class-


"The farmer milked the goat. I didn't know that goats had udders... where the milk comes. The babies drink it... They are called kids".


Quote from Oliver in Zebra Class-

“I loved seeing the chicken because it flapped its wing when I stroked it. The goat felt rough when I stroked it and then it surprised me when it bent his neck to look at me. I liked his white beard because it is bent and it looked like a slide, a ball could roll down it.

I liked the peacocks as well because he shook his beautiful features and they looked like a thousand eyes staring at me.”

A lovely and informative trip enjoyed by all!