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Our re-enactment of the Great Fire of London

Fire! Fire! Year 1 re-enacated the Great Fire of London!

The children in Year 1 have loved learning all about London, including the historic Great Fire of London in 1666. During their learning, they found out that the fire started at the Bakery and spread down Pudding Lane quickly because the houses were very close together and made from wood. To enhance their learning the children built houses during their outside busy learning, rebuilt Pudding Lane and watched it burn down. 

All of the Year 1 children gathered near the field where the new Pudding Lane was set up. Our fire marshals started the fire at the 'bakery' and the children loved watching the fire spreading house to house. They shared the information they had learned and sang 'London's Burning' whilst they watched. One house was purposely moved away from the others so show the 'fire stop' that helped stop the real fire in 1666. Thank you to all those involved who helped bring this learning experience to life for the Year 1 children.