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Tea Party with the Queen!

On the 1st May Year 1 had a very exciting day! We had a tea party with the Queen!

During the week we made fruit scones to share with her and some of her favourite sandwiches, cucumber and jam. We even cut the crusts off!

We made flags to wave as we sang the National Anthem and bunting and flowers to decorate the hall.


When the Queen arrived we all stood up to show respect and sang ‘God Save the Queen’. We showed her some of the work we have done during this topic including portraits of the Queen, writing about her life and some work done on Google Maps.

Some children asked her questions like “Do you still ride horses?” and “Have you met Prince Louis yet?”

We then ate our afternoon tea and drank squash. The Queen had a cup of tea too.   


At the end of the party we sang to her and gave her some flowers to say thank you for visiting.

It was such a lovely afternoon.