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Dinosaur & Fossil Workshop - Year 1

On Monday 19th March we had a very exciting workshop in year 1. We had a palaeontologist named Darren come into school to teach us about fossils and dinosaurs.

First we went into the hall in our classes and hear about what a palaeontologist does for their job and how fossils have been found all over the world. Darren then showed us some fossils and we had to try and guess what dinosaur or creature they belonged to. We learnt how a pterodactyl was not a dinosaur because it could fly. We were then told that we were going to be palaeontologists and were given brushes to find fossils under the sand. There were 3 different sections with fossils, dinosaurs that would have been herbivores or carnivores and other pre-historic creatures.


After lunch we all went into the hall to learn about trex. First we met baby Jack, a 6 week old t-rex who was the size of a chicken. He was very cheeky and tried to bite Miss Gregory!

Then we saw a t-rex footprint fossil and learnt that t-rex used to walk on their toes so their feet would have been even bigger than the footprint!

After that we met a 6 year old t-rex named Sophie. She was very big and not yet fully grown! We all had a go at stroking her and had our photo taken with her.


It was a good day.