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Skipping Workshop

A workshop for KS1

The children in KS1 enjoyed a Skipping Workshop.

They learnt all about ‘perseverance’ and ‘resilience’. They certainly needed these qualities to improve their skipping skills during the workshop.

They began with a warm up preparing their muscles for hard work and getting the children to hop, jump and skip ready for later in the lesson.

The children were taught to skip forwards and backwards.

They were introduced to different techniques for skipping- hopping, jumping and big jump/little jump.

The children were left in no doubt that skipping is an amazing way to keep fit.  

Skipping is also great because you don’t need expensive equipment or lots of space in order to be able to skip!

We hope the workshop has inspired the children to continue to develop their skipping skills. Hopefully they will progress on to skipping with a friend and Double Dutch!

We look forward to seeing these skills continue to develop during outside learning, playtime and in PE lessons.

Skipping is great for adults too! So get skipping with your child.

 Happy skipping!