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Reception visit Bocketts Farm

An exciting farm trip for Reception

This week our lovely Reception children had an exciting time at Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead.

As they had learnt about  chickens in their year group, they got to see and learn a lot more about other animals during their visit.

The day started off with a goat milking session and children got to feel the jug that was half full with milk, to see if it was warm or cold-and it was warm indeed!

The staff in charge of taking care of school visits, went around with different small animals that children could get a close look at and touch or feel if they wanted to, (hands were washed after every contact with an animal) these were animals like bunny rabits, chickens, chicks, little guinea pigs etc.

Children then went to the barns to see horses, donkeys, piglets, sheep with their baby lambs, goats and alpaca's. After visiting the barns, one of most exciting things to do at the farm was going on a big tractor ride and seeing animals in their natural habitats such as cows and deer. Nature and other views were also observed on this ride, such as the different kinds of trees, which were labelled and if you look close in one of the photos below you may even see the London skyline!

After lunch, children went off to see the farm's famous Pig Race, everyone was cheering on their favourite- 'Will I Ham','Peppa Pig' etc.

Overall it was thoroughly enjoyable and informative day out for the children. Enjoy the photos of this trip below. For more photos and for photos of your child, please keep an eye out for individual class page updates.