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Music Workshop with Earthsong

Learning about Chinese New Year with Earthsong- a music workshop.

As this week marked the start of the Chinese New Year, Reception children had an amazing new year themed music workshop, with our visitors - Earthsong.

Children learnt about music from China and about the special instruments that they use such as; Chinese Cymbals, a Gong, an Er-Hu (fiddle), Chinese Drums and a Gu Cheung.

Videos/clips of the special 'Lion Dance' and 'Dragon Dance' that take place during the new year celebrations were shown to the children and how the people train for them before a performance. Storm (one of the members of Earthsong) taught the children that stamina is needed in order to perform these dances and that the performers are usually people who train in Kung Fu- a form of martial arts.

Also during the workshop, children got hands-on with the Chinese instruments and were a Chinese orchestra alongside the special dragon and lion dancers, with genuine Chinese dragon costume and lion heads. Children also experienced a ribbon dance and a fan dance.