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Y2 Science Day

On Science Day we celebrated all of our Science learning in Year 2. We have learnt so much! We picked our favorite topics and lessons then drew them onto T-Shirts! We wore our Science Day T-Shirts for the rest of the day. 

The Science Day theme was 'time' so we learnt about lifecycles. We have been observing the life cycle of Stick Insects in our classes. We observed the stick insects hatching from eggs into nymphs. When they first hatched, their eggs were attached to the end of their bodies! Our stick insect's egg have now fallen off so they are starting to become adults! Did you know that our female Stick Insects can reproduce alone! They will also grow up to 8cm long which is very exciting.

We ordered life cycles of other animals! Did you know that some living things have a stage in their life cycle called 'Metamorphosis' which is where the animal forms into a different animal!