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Sun Class

Autumn 2 - Movers and Shakers

Sun class have had an exciting Autumn 2 learning about significant people in our topic of ‘Movers and Shakers’. Sun Class have loved learning historical facts about significant people and how they have changed people’s lives and the world for the better.

Sun class have used a yoga area in the classroom. The children have sensibly performed a range of yoga moves and calming techniques. It has been wonderful seeing children using it to calm themselves down and explore being still and peaceful at school.  

As a part of our Still life topic Sun Class have had the opportunity to: sketch a still pictures, use power paint to colour mix and make a sculpture using clay. Most children used slips to join pieces of clay together.


Autumn 1 Minibeasts

In Sun Class we have been learning how to make positive relationships with our peers and adults. We created a mind map of how to be a good friend. Lots of us explained that by telling and showing children how to be kind and make good choices, it will keep everyone happy and safe in school. Sun class created their own kindness display. On post it notes children have written how a friend in their class has been kind to them.

“He smiled at me in the morning”

“She asked if I was alright when she saw me playing all alone”

“Child x gave me a thank you note”

“I feel happy when Miss Maccaw says hello to me in the morning”


Also, Sun class have shown they know how to ask for help and help others. We never want a child to feel lonely or unhappy.

This half term in Maths Sun class have been learning how to partition a two digit number in different ways. We can make a two digit number with tens and ones using numicon, tens frames and place value grids. We have compared numbers using the greater than, less than and equal to symbol.