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Squirrel Class

Autumn 1 - Childhood

In Squirrel class we have been learning all out our topic ‘Childhood’. This topic is based around history. We have been learning about how children lived in the 1950’s. In Geography we compared maps in the 1950’s to maps that we use today. 

In History we looked at artefacts from the 1950’s that children would have used to learn in their own classrooms. We have focused some of our reading and writing lessons on Queen Elizabeth’s coronation day. Our topic also focused on the ‘stages of life’ and we sequenced images of the queen on a timeline from when she was a child to present day. 

In Maths we learnt how to show a number in different ways by using cubes, counters and other objects. We have also been learning how to use a ‘part part whole’ model. This helped us to create our own number sentences to 10. 

We have been doing super learning in Squirrel class and we are excited to start out new topic ‘Space’ after half term.