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School Council 2021-2022

Autumn 1

This term each class Year 1 and Year 2 elected their school councillors. Each class had a vote and chose the boy and girl with the most votes to represent their class. 

Our focus this term has been on school lunches. Each class filled in a questionnaire to let the school council know what their favourite foods were. In our school council meetings we discussed these and looked at the school lunch menus. We were really impressed with how much variety there was on the school menu and most of us liked nearly every meal.

We met with Chef Roberto to give him feedback on the new menus. We were super confident and told him our favourite dishes and discussed options lots of pupils weren't so keen on. Some of our school councillors were able to try some school dinner options. Tommy tried the fish fingers and peas and Penelope tried the cheesy pasta! Our aim is to encourage more children to try and have school lunches.