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School Council 2017-2018

This year School Council identified that they would like to make playtimes even more active. They thought this would help to keep them healthy as well as make playtimes even more fun. They brainstormed ideas for how they could make sure everyone had opportunities to be active. The representatives then went back to their classes to discuss their ideas.

The most popular ideas were:

  • Put playground markings on the KS1 playground.
  • Have music available to dance to.
  • Have Play Leaders to organise games.

The school councillors then worked out how to make these happen! This included having a meeting with Ms White (Headteacher) to ask for funding for playground markings. She agreed to this but asked them to come back with ideas for the markings.

They also spoke to Mrs Maycock (Lead SMSA) who agreed to make sure that music is available at lunchtimes. And they asked Mrs Coyle (Responsible for PE) if she would help to set up Play Leaders.



In April the School Councillors were joined by Mrs Allen (School Governor) who told them what her role is at school and then asked the children to explain what they do. She saw them developing ideas for the playground markings which they will now discuss with their classes.

Also the School Councillors have been learning some active games to play, so that they can be Play Leaders.