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Rainbow Class

Autumn 2 - Movers and Shakers

History and English

We started with a fun engagement day. Each Year 2 teacher dressed up as a person from the past. We moved from one class to another and the teachers told us about different significant people from history.   We learned that significant people in history changed what we believe, how we do things now and our attitude and treatment of others. We have learned about great explorers, amazing scientists, brave activists and innovative artists!

We learned how to gather information from texts,  to take notes and write reports. We practised putting historical events in order and putting historical  people on a timeline, using their date of birth. We made decisions about what was fact and fiction and used texts to find the answers to questions about historical people.

Some of our favourites, of the people we read and wrote about, were Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks a Malala Yousafzai and Emmeline Pankhurst. 


In maths we have learned to recognise coins and notes. We have also been learning to add money. We have practised repeated addition and started to use multiplication. We have also begun column adding – that was our favourite new maths skill.


In RE we have been learned about the Hindu and Sikh celebration of Divali, including the Story of Rama and Sita. We have also been learning about gifts and how they don’t have to cost anything – like giving someone a hug and just being kind and helpful. We learned how Christians welcome new babies and what Christians believe are the qualities that Jesus brought to them – including love, joy, hope and peace.  


We have been learning about colour shading and we had a go at mixing our own shades, to match colours used in some famous paintings. We have also been making clay model snowmen and pop-up Christmas cards.


In PE this term we have been learning some dance routines. Our favourite was jiving to Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree!

Autumn 1 - Minibeasts

Our topic this term has been MINIBEASTS!  We started off the topic with some exploration around the school. We searched in the Nature Garden, in the planting boxes and around the outside of the car park to see what minibeasts we could find.  We discovered spiders, butterflies, woodlouse, ants, snails and even some beautiful blue dragonflies.  

For Writing practise we recounted our morning - including where we had been and what we had seen. Then for Science we completed a table describing how minibeasts live, including what they eat, where they live and how they protect themselves. We learned the lifecycle of some different minibeasts and we wrote fact files. We also learned about micro-habitats and how they can be very, very small. Some creatures might live their whole life just inside a flower or under a log!

In English, we also learned to write a minibeast poem with a pattern. We also read and retold the story of Anansi and the Turtle, Anansi was a mean spider who didn’t like to share. We learned that if you are unkind to others they might be unkind to you!

For Geography we looked at the different continents and found which continents some mini-beasts live in. At the end of our topic it was very exciting because Mrs Baker brought in her Giant Land Snails. She told us all about how to look after them and how they need a nice warm aquarium because it is much warmer in Africa than in England!

In maths we have learning to count in 10s, 2s and 5s. We have learned to partition numbers into tens and ones and to know that taking away and adding numbers are related. We are using numbers up to 100 now, so that’s very exciting! The most exciting thing we learned in maths was to add in columns! It’s a super, fast way to add! We are also learning hour to count and add money.

PE has been fun too. We have learned different ways to pass a ball. We have also been practising ball control with a large balls and a bat and ball. 

 In RE we have learned about how places of worship are special to people from different religions.