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Phonics and Grammar


Phonics is broken down into different phases.

In Year 2 we teach Phase 5 and Phase 6. We teach the children to blend to read unknown words and segment to spell.  

Please see the video listed below to see how your child should blend unknown words.

Blending to read - phonics.

You can practice reading or writing words with the digraphs listed below. 

Phase 3 Digraphs
Phase 5 Digraphs

Children also learn to read and write common exception words as part of their phonics learning.

Common Exception Words


In grammar, we teach the children to add a suffix to the end of root words. 

It's important that children know consonants and vowels because when adding a suffix to some words the consonant may need to be doubled.

E.g. Suffix - ing

sit - sitting        hit - hitting         hop - hopping

We have learnt:

-ed    -ing    -est     -er     -y

Your child can practice writing words that have a suffix listed above.

Below is a video to remind your child of the rules for adding ed, ing, est, er and y.

Adding suffix -ed -ing -est -er -y