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Owl Class

Autumn 2- Moon Zoom!

This term our topic has been about space. We came into school one day to find that a space ship had crashed on our school field! We investigated the crash site to see what we could find. In Science, we learnt about materials. We sorted materials according to their properties.

In History we learnt about famous people like Neil Armstrong and wrote facts about him. Our learning in DT has been about making a moving part. First we learnt how to make a hinge or a slider, and then we made a rocket with a moving part.




Autumn 1- Childhood

This term our topic has been childhood. We have been learning about important events throughout our lives and then comparing childhood today to childhood in the 1950s.

We started our topic with a welcome to year 1 party. We had a great time learning different party games such as ‘pin the tail on Floppy’. We made our own party hats and then had some food and did some dancing in the hall! We brought in photos from home and looked at some special events from our childhood so far. We also learnt about families and made our family trees.

In History we compared life today to life in the 1950s. We investigated lots of different toys and objects and wrote about how they were different from the ones we have today.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and different parts that make a whole number. In busy learning we made our own part whole models with paper plates and objects.