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Moon Class

Autumn 2 - Movers and Shakers

Our topic this term was Movers and Shakers. We had lots of fun learning all about significant people in the past.

We learnt about famous activists, artists, explorers, monarchs and scientists.

We really enjoyed finding out facts about Neil Armstrong, Mary Anning, Henry VIII and Joseph Lister on our engage day! We were lucky enough to have our own Mary Anning museum in our classroom. We used the money skills we learnt in our maths to pay to enter the museum. 



Autumn 1 - Minibeasts

Our topic this term was Minibeasts. We had a great time searching for them on our minibeast hunt!

In science we learnt about the different microhabitats that minibeasts like to live in and found out ways that minibeasts protect themselves! Did you know that ladybirds have warning colours to remind predators that they won't taste very nice?! We also had a very exciting visit from Mrs Baker's pet African Land Snails! In writing we wrote clear instructions for how to look after the snails and also wrote minibeast poems!

In maths we learnt all about place value, addition and subtraction. We learnt to partition numbers into tens and ones and we also learnt different strategies to help us add and subtract. We even learnt how to use column addition! P.E has also been great fun! We have been practising our multi skills which has really improved our balance and co-ordination!