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There are links below to the White Rose website which will have more information and challenges so that you can understand how your child has been taught. So far in maths, we have learnt;

Place Value

Year 2 Place Value - White Rose Maths

Addition and Subtraction

Year 2 Addition and Subtraction - White Rose Maths


Year 2 Money - White Rose Maths


Top tips for at home!

  • Be enthusiastic about Maths. This will help your child develop a positive attitude towards their maths learning. 

  • Use number recognition to 100 in everyday life. For example: cooking, shopping, measuring out ingredients or travelling.

  • Partition two digit numbers with your child making sure they can recognise the tens and the ones. E.g. Can you partition 64 in different ways? 50 +14 = 40 +24= 64 30 + 34=64 and so on...

  • Ensure your child confidently knows their number bonds to 10 and 20.

  • Help your child to learn their 2, 5, 10 and 3 timetables. There are lots of fun, engaging songs and games available online. A game that we like to play in class is 'back to back multiplication'.

  • Practice adding and subtracting two digit numbers using methods presented on the white rose website.

  • Help your child develop their money skills by recognising the value of different coins and notes. When shopping, see if your child can spot the price of items, remembering that the p means pence and the £ is pounds.