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Computing Curriculum

KS1 Computing Curriculum Map 2019-2020

Year 1

Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Topic: Enchanted Woodland (Illustrating an e-book)

Software: Fresh paint, 2 simple 2paint a picture, Tux paint, Microsoft paint

Apps: Brushes Redux, Sketchbook express

Outcome: A piece of electronic artwork to illustrate a traditional tale, collated into an e-book.

Topic:  Paws, Claws and Whiskers (Filming a set of instructions)

Software: iMovie, WeVideo, 2paintapicture, Fresh Paint, Microsoft paint

Apps: Brushes redux, iMovie

Outcome: A short video showing how to care for a pet.




Topic:  Splendid Skies (Using programmable toys)

Software: Programming interface for programmable toy (beebots, Roamer Too)

Apps: Beebot app, Daisy the dinosaur, Blue-Bot app

Outcome: A sequence of instructions that will move a programmable toy along a given route.

Autumn 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

Topic: London (finding images from the web)

Software: web browser, Microsoft powerpoint or IWB software  

Apps: web browser, keynote, explain everything

Outcome: A number of presentation slides each with images with different aspects of London e.g. buildings, transport, bridges



Topic: Space / RE Topic: Easter  

Software: PP, Word, Clicker 7, 2 paint a picture, fresh paint, Microsoft paint

Apps: Pages, keynote, brushes redux, sketchbook express.

Outcome: An Easter greetings card created digitally, which combines an image with text.






Topic: Dinosaurs (Producing a talking book)

Software: Microsoft PP, 2 create a story, IWB software

Apps: Keynote, Explain everything, Book creator

Outcome: A talking story book






Year 2

Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Topic: Bounce (taking better photographs)

Software: Microsoft photos, Pixlr

Apps: Photos (ios), snapseed

Outcome: A class portfolio of original photographs.



Topic: Towers (Researching a topic)

Software: Microsoft PowerPoint


Outcome: Mind maps and a two minute multimedia presentation for a specific audience.




Topic:  Street Detectives (Collecting clues)

Software: Email, excel, google sheets

Apps: Mail, numbers, google sheets.

Outcome: Class emails requesting information to solve a mystery.



Autumn 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

Topic: To the Rescue (Programming on screen)

Software: Scratch, Kodu

Apps: Scratch Jr, pyonkee, Daisy the dinosaur, hopscotch

Outcome: A scratch program in which a sprite moves around the screen.



Topic:  Minibeasts (Collecting data about bugs)

Software: excel, Microsoft photos, google my maps, google earth.

Apps: Snapseed, numbers, google sheets.

Outcome: Charts and maps showing bugs found in different locations.




Topic: Plants (Exploring how computer games work)

Software: Scratch, screencast-o-matic, web-based or open source games.

Apps: Pyonkee, free games apps, light bot.

Outcome: Notes on how games work, as text, audio or screencast video.