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Badger Class

Autumn 2- Moon Zoom!

This half term our topic was all about space!

At the beginning of the half term there was a spaceship crash outside! The children explored the wreckage and investigated what might have happened and who it could have been…

In science the children collected objects and samples from the crash site and investigated what material they were and their properties. Some of the materials were stretchy, hard, shiny and even slimy!

In English we read the story of Beegu and the children enjoyed rewriting the story using time connectives. They also loved acting out the story in the outside busy learning area!

In DT the children made their own rockets with moving parts! Some made a hinge to open the rocket doors and windows and others made a slider for the astronauts and aliens.



Autumn 1- Childhood

For the first half term in Year 1 Badger class were learning all about the topic 'Childhood'.

To start off the topic the children had a party to celebrate the start of Year 1! They played games and danced to music.

They have been learning all about milestones and even put themselves on a timeline using baby, toddler and current photos. They loved exploring how they had grown and changed!