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Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week

The Reception children have been listening to stories such as: 'Rainbow Friend' about how to be a good friend.

Here are some quotes from the Reception children:-

"I 've made Jaden a friendship bracelet because his been off school poorly and now his back I want him to know his still my friend  and I missed him" -  Srihari


Jasmine wrote Vira's name in our friendship bucket. - "She was very kind. She played with me outside so I wasn't lonely"


"Being kind is very important. When we work together as a big team, we get stuff done quickly." - Jaden

The Year 2's had circle time/ discussion time about "how they can be helpful and kind to everyone" inside and outside school.

Dragonfly Class used a puppet  called 'Scardey' to pass around and share these kind and helpful ideas.

For example; 'we can help and talk to people when they feel sad', 'be polite and tell people to stop if they are not being nice' and 'if someone falls over, go and help them'.