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Astronomy Roadshow

This week the children enjoyed a visit from an astronomer who told them all about space.

A few Year 2 students have written about what they learnt from the visit and what they enjoyed most.

Hannah -

'A man visited use to talk about space.

My favourite bit was when we watched the video when they were on the moon because the man jumped on the moon and it was funny. The sun is the brightist star. He used lights to show us what space was like.'

Luke -

'My favourite bit was when we saw the tortoise chaste the UFO.

The sun is the middle of the solar system.

People that go in to space need to bring air tank to breath because there is no air in space.

Geraldine -

My favourite bit was when we went in the big dome because it was dark so we can see the stars.

The man showed us different planets they were, Pluto, Saturn, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus.

He also told us there is a star called the North star.