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Apps to play at home

Year 2 have reviewed two learning Apps

There are two learning Apps that Year 2 children have been using at school and at home.

'Scratch Junior' App

Review by Connor

"It's the best game and it has lots of things to do. You can choose your own things for your own story. You program to give Scratch the cat instructions to move about. You can even choose other people to do stuff. You press a blue button and it does what you made all in a row, like a cartoon".

'Mathletics' App

Review by Thaswin

"It's about learning maths! It's a really good app and on the topic of activities, you can choose whatever topic you want. But, if you're too clever for that, you can go to Live Mathletics. You can go against random people who you don't ever know. You can even challenge yourself and choose your own level".

Grown ups; you can find the links to these two programs for your children in the Year 2 section of our website or just type the names into Google or in your app store.