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Year 2 Archery Workshop

The Year 2 children enjoyed learning a new skill. As part of their topic about castles, all the Year 2’s had an archery workshop.

The children learnt that to learn a new skill you need to

  • Listen carefully
  • Follow directions
  • Have a go
  • Persevere

This is what some of the children thought about the experience-

“It was fun because I’ve never used a bow and arrow before”-Tiffanie, Dragonfly Class.

“We wore something like an arm bandage (with a hard thing on it) before we started the archery”-Patrick, Ladybird Class.

“The bandage is to protect you from hurting your arm if the arrow tilts a bit”-Dominik, Ladybird Class.

“You had to aim to the target and make sure you don’t move your feet as you do it and stand sideways”-Unique, Bumble Bee Class.