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Mayoral Awards

Mayoral Awards this week

This week, 14 children in Key Stage 1  were chosen to receive a special recognition award by The Worshipful The Mayor of the London Borough of Hounslow, Councillor Nisar Malik.

When The Mayor of the London Borough of Hounslow, Councillor Nisar Malik visited our school in November, he invited 14 children to be recognised for their hard work and commitment towards their learning in school. These children have taken their awards home and I'm sure their parents and carers are very proud of their achievement as we are here at school.

Below are photos and recounts from some of the children's experience of visiting The Mayor's office and receiving their awards.

"Yesterday we went to the Mayor's office. We travelled on a mini bus and it took us 20 mins. First we went to the Mayor's parlour where we spoted another school. We were awarded with a gold medal and a special certificate".

"We visited the Councillors Room and there are usually 60 Councillors there who have a discussion about what can be better and we pretended that we were Councillors. They had speakers that make your voice louder".

"He said, we can call him Mr Mayor".

"Mr Mayor told us that from the 24th of this month, it has been 1 year and he will finish his duty of being a Mayor. Whoever has the most votes out of the 60 Councillors, they will be the next Mayor for a year".

"In the Mayors Parlour we were allowed a piece of chocolate cake and orange juice before it was time to head back to school, then we all said thank you and goodbye".