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The Centre at Feltham Hill

Our Centre provides specialised support for children with Social Communication Difficulties and ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) who have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).  Children should have ability in some areas within the broad average range and should be able to access a modified Early Years Foundation Stage or National Curriculum. Spoken language should be their main method of communication and they should have some interest in their peers.

Children are based in a Centre class. There are five places in the Reception Class and ten in the Key Stage 1 class. A high staffing ratio and a well structured environment with clear consistent routines and boundaries supports children’s emotional regulation and helps them to reach their full potential. Opportunities for joining mainstream classes in order to develop learning and social skills are planned on an individual basis as appropriate. Centre children are also able to attend assemblies, enrichment activities and trips with mainstream classes.

Children are taught through a daily balance of direct teaching, independent tasks and ‘busy learning’ through self-chosen activities. The carefully planned learning environment offers opportunities for children to develop independence and social skills as well as practise their knowledge and skills. Practical resources support their understanding. Outside learning focusses on physical development and social skills in the Centre.


Children's behaviour and learning are supported through a variety of strategies including visual timetables; individual schedules; timers; behaviour ladders; token reward cards; social stories, pictures and symbols; Makaton signing; Colourful Semantics; and organising tasks in a visual manner, following the TEACCH principles.


Approaches such as Intensive Interaction, Attention Autism and the Zones of Regulation are used to support communication and emotional regulation.


Children have access to a sensory room and OT input and resources in order to aid sensory regulation.

Speech therapy and occupational therapy is provided by the NHS who  offer a consultative approach this year due to staff shortages. However, listening, attention, communication and language are at the heart of our Centre curriculum.  Physical development activities and opportunities for sensory regulation are also planned for each day.

Places for The Centre are allocated through the SEN Department at the London Borough of Hounslow.  Please contact the school office if you would like to visit.

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