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School Council

Autumn 2023

School Council have made sure the Buddy Benches in Year 1 and 2 are being used so no one is lonely in the playground. Each class have talked about different games the buddies can play. They are helping to organise a Christmas Cinema Fundraiser for school. They voted for which film will be shown and which snacks should be provided. They will help set the hall up for the fundraiser and hand out the popcorn! We have also had a meeting discussing the lunch menu, ensuring there are healthy options that the children are happy with.

Spring Term 2023

In the Spring term, we have been working closely with Mrs Marshall and the Eco-School project. Our aim is to win the silver award for having a very eco-friendly school. This award will need a huge team effort and includes the choices made by children and all school staff.

We have been learning about the importance of re-using and recycling materials. We went on a walk around Year 1 and were very impressed to see nearly everyone had a reusable water bottle at school. A school councilor in Year 2 also told us she had used the same bottle for the last 2 years to help reduce plastic waste!

Autumn Term 2022


In the Autumn term we monitored the buddy benches that were brought last year. We explained how they worked to the new year 1 children. Each class continues to choose a buddy every lunch time to support children that are feeling lonely.


We also looked at healthy lunch options and met with Chef Roberto to discuss the new Autumn and Spring Menus. Each class completed a survey of their favorite foods and we were happy to see lots of the choices on the new menus! 

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