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Zebra Class

November 2018

Zebra Class have enjoyed learning about lots of different celebrations this term. They have enjoyed learning all about Diwali and made divas during busy learning time. They have also created some beautiful firework pictures using a paint program on the computer.


Zebra class have had a spooky witch's castle as their role play area. There has been lots of imaginative play such as creating spooky potions and spells. 


The children enjoyed exploring the different sized pumpkins and used cubes to measure and find the tallest and shortest pumpkin.


September/October 2018

Zebra class children have settled into their new and exciting environment well. They have been enjoying many exciting and interesting activities, during both inside and outside busy learning time.

We started the year off learning about Africa, the culture, landscapes and animals. We have spent lots of time learning all about our class animal. The children even had the opportunity to paint their own zebra and have it displayed in the classroom.


We have been exploring and designing patterns and the children have had the opportunity to create a pattern using paint, pegboards “maths fruit counters”, shapes and multi-link blocks.


The children have also had a visit from Earth Song; they enjoyed playing a variety of instruments and dancing along to the music.  Zebra class have been learning about Autumn and have been exploring the colours and investigating autumn objects.




May 2018

The children have been enjoying the beautiful weather outside during busy learning time. They have been using the climbing equipment confidently, making music with the instruments and building large scale models. Zebra Class have also been buying equipment from the garden centre and adding two items together.



Zebra Class been enjoying the Vets role play area. They have been making the animals better and measuring how much food to give them.


The children have been exploring different materials. They have been mixing colours, creating with junk and using different textures to create collages.


April 2018

We were lucky enough to go to the farm after the Easter holidays. The children had a fantastic time! First, the farmer showed us how to milk a goat and we got to pet some of the animals. Next, we went on a tractor ride around the farm. Then, we watched a pig race. We all cheered our favourite pig! Finally, we walked around the farm and looked at our favourite animals before heading back to the coach.


   March 2018

We have spent time looking for signs of spring in the outdoor area. The children have been measuring the daffodils and comparing the different types.  We have also learnt a lot about animals in spring from information books and have been lucky enough to see the chicks hatch! 


February 2018

The children have enjoyed the new ‘doctors surgery’ role play area. They have been looking after their friends and bought medication from the pharmacy. The children have also developed concepts in measuring height and weight using different equipment.


We have been reading the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children have made some detailed story maps and shown us their excellent listening skills. They have also enjoyed re-enacting the story with props; as well as adding their own ideas and imagination to play.



January 2018

We started the New Year opening a pizza shop. The children have been using 1p and 2p coins in the shop to pay for their pizza.


They also had lots of fun making pizza and choosing their favourite toppings. Some toppings were more popular than others. Apparently the pepperoni was “too spicy”. The children remembered to wash their hands before touching the food to stop any germs spreading. They also handled the sharp knife very carefully.


Before the holidays the children have been learning about Chinese New Year and made some beautiful pictures of the animals from the story. They have also enjoyed retelling the story with props and demonstrated excellent listening skills.


Zebra class tasted noodles and used chop sticks in the busy hands area. We talked about how the noodles felt different after we added hot water. The children used their phonics skills and picture clues to read how to make noodles.      


December 2017

This term Zebra class opened a baker’s role play area. The children have been making many tasty treats with the playdough and have sold them in the shop. They have developed their counting skills by using money to pay for their items. The children also followed a recipe to make cupcakes and balanced the ingredients on the weighing scales. They identified the heavier and lighter ingredients.


Zebra Class have also created some beautiful art work this term. The children have used collage, painting and have started to make some very creative things with the junk modelling materials. Some children were able to make floating boats and thought carefully about what materials to use.


We have seen huge progress in the children’s reading and writing. The children have been applying these taught skills during busy learning and we are very pleased with what they have achieved.


October 2017

The children in Zebra class have settled into school well. They have enjoyed busy learning inside and outside and have engaged in a variety of activities.


We have been learning about the topic ‘Africa’. We have spent lots of time learning about our class animal. We have also looked at African patterns and played African instruments. The children had a visit from ‘Earth song’ where we explored African music and played some interesting instruments.


The have enjoyed developing their fine motor skills by making lots of interesting things with the playdough. They have also made some fantastic models with the construction materials. The children are also developing their early reading skills and have enjoyed retelling familiar stories.



July 2017

Wow, what an exciting summer term.  Zebra Class you have achieved so much and Miss Maycock and I are incredibly proud of you. Your grown-ups are very proud of the progress you have made too!

Some highlights have been very creative and growing our own ladybirds and butterflies. We observed them grow and then sketched and created our own minibeasts. It was so wonderful observing butterflies and minibeasts in our outside area. Some of us were brave enough to hold minibeasts. They tickled us as they walked!  Zebra Class have independently written minibeast riddles and adventure stories. They read our butterfly adventure stories to each other at story time.




April 2017

We had a wonderful trip to Bocketts Farm. The children had a great time touching and observing the farm animals. A big thank you it all the adults who came along. The children have written farm recounts and animal riddles.  The children have used a range of media including pastels to create their own farm animals.


Zebra class have retold several fairy tales and space stories. The children have impressed their peers and adults by confidently reading out their stories at story time.


We have learnt all of phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and now we are learning how to read and write two syllable and compound words. We have completed farm word hunts and read lots of signs and questions in our learning environment.  How many two syllable words can you read in one minute? Some children can read 7, 8, 9 ….. or even 10 words!


We had a visit from the nurse to discuss how to wash their hands correctly.  This inspired several children to write fabulous instructions for how to wash your hands.


In Zebra class we are trying to solve problems including doubling, halving and share. Some children have solved problems combining groups of 2, 5 and 10. For example:

Each pot is 10p and I buy 5 pots. How much have I spent?

 “10, 20, 30, 40, 50. 50p. You have spent 50 pence”

There are 10 cars and 2 people in each car. How many people are there altogether?

“2, 4, ,6 8, 10, 12, 14,16,18,20. 20 people”


March 2017

Zebra class have read and followed instructions to make Easter nest cakes. We were able to read some words by sight and blend to read other words. We are remembering to point to each word and reread the sentence to check we understood what we had read.


Spring is here! The daffodils and plants have begun to grow outside. We made lots of signs to tell children to look and smell but NOT pick the flowers. We were able to observe how they changed and grew over time. The children used cubes and tape measures to measure the height of different plants. Then we looked closely at daffodils to create our own daffodils out of a range of media including fabric, collage and pastels. All our daffodils were all very different and unique.


We are still in love with our spaceship area! We have been driving our very own spaceship which we designed and painted. We have been learning about space, the planets and astronauts. We have watched a little bit of the Tim Peaks moon landed. We might see one of Zebra class children up in space in future!


January 2017

Miss Maycock and I are credibly proud of Zebra Class. All children are trying to challenge themselves to learn something new each day. Please share your child’s ‘WOW’ moments at home by filling in a ‘WOW cloud’.


The Naughty bus ARRIVED! The Naughty Bus visited Zebra Class. He has been hiding everywhere in and out of the classroom. The children took photos of the bus in their favourite places and they have all write their own mini naughty bus adventure. Some children have enjoyed building cities with 3D shapes which the Naughty bus has come along and smashed down!



Outside in Reception the children have been going on bus journeys to different places including Legoland, Feltham High Street and ASDA. Some children go to: get shopping, visit friends and others who just enjoy ringing the bell. The children have looked up their own addresses and other peoples they know such as Staines, Feltham and Hounslow using maps. Zebra Class children have been drawing their own simple maps of their journey from their home to school.



We have used ICT program and creative materials to create our own buses to display around our classroom environment.



The children have been exploring WINTER. The children have had the opportunity to investigate how ice melts and how it is made.  We have investigated hot and cold countries plus animals who like to live in cold weather. They have discussed ways to keep warm by wearing hats, gloves and scarfs. Also we have been very active in cold weather learning the new skills of hula hooping and balancing.


Zebra Class have been very busy learning digraphs including vowel digraphs: ai, ee, oa, oo. The children have confidently used diagraphs to read and write new words. When hunting for hidden words the children have been able to blend to read and then segment words using the digraphs when writing. Recently the children have written a short story about the ORT character Chip going to the shop to buy fish, mash, chocolate, bread, milk or cheese plus many other things.


We had a great time being very creative, celebrating Chinese New Year. We took part in a very exciting music lessons where we danced like a Chinese New Year dragon and composed our very own Chinese new year instrumental. We danced as dragons following the beat of a drum and then we made our own fiery dragons, colourful lanterns and weavings. Some children independently wrote the story of how the first Chinese New Year’s was decided.


Polite notice: please label all your child’s pieces of clothing including their jumpers and PE kits. Please bring in the children’s book bag every day and bring in WOW clouds!


October 2016

As a gentle reminder, please make sure all items of clothing are labelled with your child’s name.

Well done Zebra class, you have settled in really well and made lots of new friends. You have made very good learning and behaviour choices and Miss Maccaw and Miss Maycock are incredibly proud of you.

Zebra class have begun learning about autumn and while on our autumn walk they found red berries, acorns and different coloured leaves. The children also saw baby and adult squirrels.  When we got back to school the children made leaf collages and autumn animals out of malleable materials.


Zebra class have been selling and buying ice creams in our ice cream parlour. The children used 1ps to make their amounts. As a class treat the children voted to have a taste of ice cream. We were very lucky as the sun was shining and the ice cream cooled us down.


What a great start to our reception year. Zebra class have been busy learning about Africa and African animals. We have painted and collaged zebras and other animals and learnt facts about Africa and African animals.



June 2016

WOW! We have been so active! Sports day was a great success. All the children had a lovely morning performing different sporting events in front of their parents! They were great sports people and cheered on other competitors while the races were taking place. Zebra Class let out a loud cheer of happiness when they found out they had won overall.


Zebra Class have been observing the growth of living things. Zebra class had observing insects in and outside of the classroom. They have been fascinated by the changes in our class caterpillars. We cannot wait to see the caterpillars turn in beautiful butterflies.


We have made caterpillars using a range of materials and tools. Also Zebra Class have written the story of the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’.


May 2016


The pizza parlour has been opened! The children have loved placing orders and making healthy pizzas.  We have made a tally of our favorite pizza toppings. Later on in the Summer Term we will be following instructions to make healthy pizzas.


Do you want sauce Mrs Bennett?




Zebra and Tiger Class Assembly on 10th May 2016 at 9.00 am in the Small Hall

A polite reminder, please ensure your child’s clothing is labelled. Please bring in a PE Kit, book bag and water bottle. As the weather is getting hotter the children do need a drink during the day.

April 2016

On the 18th April 2016 Zebra class and Tiger Class visited the farm. It was a very enriching day full of visiting a variety of animals, having a very bumpy tractor ride and lots and lots of walking! Miss Maccaw and Mrs Bennett are extremely proud of Zebra Class. Their positive behaviour and caring nature towards each other and all of the animals was fantastic and the farm staff was incredibly impressed with how engaged, polite and caring our children were.

Following our farm trip we have begun to write recounts of our visit. As a whole class we made a farm recount book which we hung outside Zebra class window. Please have a look. We are very proud of our children’s writing. The children are beginning to independently write words including phase 3 phonemes including oa, ee, ch, igh, ear, air and ure.




We have painted farm animals and used a small world farm to recreate our day at the farm. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and couldn’t wait to share their favourite animal and part of the day with each other. We are going to be problem solving using the farm small world this week!

During our traditional tales topic Zebra class loved hearing stories with castles, goodies and baddies. So by magic Jack and the Beanstalk arrived in Zebra class. The children have had props and resources to retell the story. In groups, children have written a short version of Jack and the Beanstalk. Some children had written wanted posters and letters, as Jack, to the Giant to say sorry for stealing his golden egg, harp and coins. Soooooooooooooooooo many children in Zebra Class are becoming confident, independent readers and writers and this is sooooooooooooooooooooo exciting to see. Miss Macccaw and Mrs Bennett are so proud of you. Keep READING and WRITING at home!



March 2016

We celebrated our love of reading and world book day by dressing up as your favourite story characters. We had the opportunity to retell our favourite stories to our peers, sit anywhere and read and create our own story front covers. Zebra class loved hearing other adults reading their favourite stories to them.


Zebra class have been very busy being sporty. Zebra class have shown off their physical skills for Sports relief. Outside we have been jogging, skipping, galloping, rolling in and out of things and charging through cargo nets!  As a part of Sports relief we run laps around year 1 and 2 playground. As a team we ran over 54 laps which is just over 3 and a half miles. Phew, we needed to have a drink of water after all that exercise!




“Wow! Our chicks are hatching.  I see its’ head.”  Zebra class were so delighted to see chicks hatching out of eggs. Every day we had the opportunity to observe the changes to our eggs and then the chicks when they hatched. The children have completed life cycles of chickens, 2 simple paintings and predictions of what the chicks will look like as adults. Zebra children have been extremely sensible while travelling around the chick hutch.  Well done, Zebra Class!


February 2016

We read instructions about how to add toppings to our pancakes. We loved our pancakes warm with jam on top. Yummy!

We had a great time celebrating Chinese New Year. We took part in a very exciting music workshop from ‘Earthsong’. We danced as dragons following the beat of a drum and then we made our own fiery dragons.

Winter has arrived in Zebra Class! We have had fun exploring water and ice. We have investigated what happens when ices melts and how long it takes to melt in different temperatures: in the classroom, outside and on our hands! When flying out of Zebra class we have chosen nations that are round the Arctic Ocean. For example: Iceland or Russia.




We have investigated different bears and their habitats. By using +2publish we have created bear pictures using a range of tools. We are trying to write in sentences using the keyboard. We are finding it tricky to use the Caps Lock. In our reading book, we have loved hibernating with a book. We love reading to our reading bears!


Please bring in your book bag every day and learn your sight words. At the moment we are practising reading: he, they, wanted, was, made, said, put and my.


We have been using many number skills.  Some of us are practicing recognising teen numbers. We have added and doubled numbers using numicon and games. Using the airport gift shop and bus station outside we have been recognising coins and adding two amounts together to find totals. We have been challenging ourselves to count along a number line and count in 2s! We have been sensibly estimating how many objects fit into woolly socks and jars. We have been very busy mathematicians!



The naughty bus went everywhere and anyway! We found the naughty bus in lots of different places around the school. He messed up the registers, hid in the sandpit and drove along the teacher’s desk. The children took photos of the bus using a digital camera and then wrote sentences. We have enjoyed using the bus role play outside to travel all around their local area and beyond. The children learnt one more and one less than a number through bus games. Zebra class have made their own maps of how to travel to school from their home and we discussed what busy cities were like to live in.




December 2015

Post office trip

On Friday the 4th December Zebra Class sensibly walked to the post office. They had to make sure that they were super safe when crossing the road. The children kept hold of each other’s hands, looked left and right and walked safely across the road. The post office cashier was very happy to see them. The children asked questions such as “where are your letters going to” and “how much money have you got with you today and why?” Most children told the cashier that their stamp costs 63p and they have written a letter to Santa. As a thank you for being so super in the post office the children were each given a sweet to take home. Every single child said please and thank you. The post office cashier wished Zebra class a wonderful Christmas and said they can come back any time. After Zebra class had posted their letters to Santa they excitedly walked back to school.

Zebra class were exemplary behaved and an absolute credit to their school. ALL adults were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo impressed!


Fingers crossed Santa has time to write back to the children!!!!




November 2015

We are going to a ‘real life’ Post office on Friday 4th December 2015 at 9.10am.

Zebra class are so excited about going to a ‘real life’ post office. They want to see if it’s as interesting as the one in Zebra Class. After learning more phonemes from Phase 2 of Letters and Sound Zebra class children have written letters to Santa. We are still learning to read and write tricky words to, love, from and have.

When we are at the post office we will buy our stamp. The children were very surprised to find out that a first class stamp is 63p. “Wow, that’s expensive”.  We are going to use six ten pence’s and three one pence’s to buy for our stamp.


Keep looking on our class page for photos of our Post office trip!

Zebra class are becoming confident mathematicians!

The children have used a harvest stall, Post office and numicom activities to learn how to recognise numbers 1 to 20, count out small numbers from a bigger number and find the total number of items in two groups by counting all of them.



After reading the Stickman by Julia Donaldson we designed and made our own stickpeople using a range of natural and manmade materials. Then we measured the stickpeople to find out which one was the longest and shortest.


Stickman was very sad. Stickman got lost and missed his family. So Zebra class children made small and large maps to help stickman find his way home.


In the Outside provision we continued our learning by making a “stickman house” using natural materials. We used short and long sticks to make windows, chimneys and walls for a house. Zebra class children thought it was very important there was a chimney so Santa could still visit Stickman and his family at Christmas time.



After reading Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson, Zebra class children enjoyed being witches and wizards. They made their own spell potions with grisly ingredients and turned adults and children into objects. Miss Maccaw was crocked and hopping around Zebra class like a toad or breathing out fire like a dragon many times over the spooky time!


October 2015

Zebra class have learnt lots of things about autumn. We observed how leaves change colour: people wear warmer clothing and how different animals live in their environments. We made some leaf rubbings and nocturnal animals which were used to make our nocturnal reading area.


We also learnt about Andy Goldsworthy who is a sculptor and uses natural material to make pieces of art work.


Here is some of our art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


We have a post office roleplay area where we are learning to weigh different parcels, send letters to family members and buy envelopes using 1ps. We will visit a post office later in the year. Keep looking at our newsletter for details!


September 2015

It has been a very busy start to the new school year.  The children have learnt the expectations of Reception and everyone in Zebra class has made a positive start to the year. WELL DONE ZEBRAS!


Some of the children have already celebrated their 5th birthday in Zebra. Every child has taken a photo with numbers to show their birthday date. This has been stuck onto Zebra class’ birthday balloons.


Zebra Class have learnt about Africa. We have been retelling and acting out African stories such as Handa’s Surprise and Too Much Talk.