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Year 2 Transfer to Oak Hill Academy

Our Year 2 children are not a guaranteed a place at Oak Hill Academy however, every year all of the Year 2 children who have wanted to attend Oak Hill have been allocated a place.

Parents/Carers need to apply on-line to Hounslow Admissions. Applications open beginning of September and close in the middle of January. Parents/Carers must accept a place on-line by the end of April.

Ms White, Headteacher of Feltham Hill I&N and Mrs Saim, Principal of Oak Hill Academy work closely together to ensure a smooth transition for all the children.

In the Autumn Term parents are invited to an Open day to visit Oak Hill Academy with their child.  In the Summer Term parents and children are invited to interviews with senior staff.

In the summer term Year 2 children attend play times at Oak Hill for  6 weeks and some children attend for reading buddy sessions.

Year 2 children are invited to performances at Oak Hill Academy so they become familiarised with their new setting.

In July children spend the day at Oak Hill as well as a move up mornings with their new teacher.  Year 2 class teachers meet with Y3 teachers to talk through children's progress.  Year 3 teachers come and observe the children in lessons and observe how the lessons in Year 2 are being taught.

 All of this aids for a smooth transition for your child.