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The School Day


Morning session:  9.00am-12 midday

Afternoon session:  12.30-3.30pm


Morning session:  9.00am-11.50am

Afternoon session:  1.00pm -3.20pm

Year 1 and Year 2

Morning session:  9.00am-11.55am

Afternoon session:  1.05pm -3.20pm

The school day begins at 9.00am.  We open the doors at 8.55am so that the children have time to come in.  Parents/carers must wait with their child until the Year Group door is opened by a member of staff.  Children must be supervised before this time as we cannot guarantee their safety.  Any children who arrive after this time need to report to the school office as the outside doors will be closed to ensure your child’s safety.

During learning time and outside times, the children are well supervised by the staff to ensure their safety.

School finishes at 3.20pm, children leave the school through the classroom doors and parents wait outside for them.  Children will only be sent home with a known adult.