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The Centre at Feltham Hill

Our Centre  provides specialised support for  children with Social Communication Difficulties and ASD who have an Education, Health and Care Plan.  Children receive individual and group sessions led by speech therapists and occupational therapists in additional to regular class teaching.  Therapists, staff and parents liaise regularly to ensure that the children make progress and are able to generalise new skills.

The classes have a high staff ratio environment and routines and boundaries are made clear.  Children's learning is supported through an array of visual strategies such as: behaviour ladders, daily planners, activity jigs, Makaton signing, symbols, Colourful Semantics, Shape Coding and organising tasks in a visual manner.  Environmental cues also aid role, purpose and outcome.  The Principles of Autism are embedded into the Early Years and KS1 Curriculum.  There are also sessions of intensive interaction and use of the sensory room to support communication and emotional regulation.

When ready the children attend weekly integration sessions where mainstream peers come into the Centre. They share structured and unstructured play sessions in the mainstream as well as daily sharing of the Early Years  learning environment.  Where appropriate children attend all the enrichment opportunities on offer within the main school


There are a maximum of 4  Reception places available.  Spaces only become availabe in Key stage 1 when children leave.

Applications are received from SEN Section at the London Borough of Hounslow.  Please contact the school office if you would like to be shown around.