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Sun Class


Autumn 2 - Life at Sea!

The second half of autumn has been super busy. THE CLASS ATTENDANCE has improved and we have managed to get the Attendance Bear three times!!! Well done for coming to school every day. Please keep this up! 

We are making good choices and working together as a team to gain class stars. This has meant we have had a range of class treats including climbing frame time and parachute games. Keep making good choices Sun Class you are making your grown-ups very proud. In PHSE we have been learning how to be a good friend and why it is important to be kind and helpful to everyone.


As part of our Life at Sea topic we have learnt some physical and human features of a location. We have learnt about different explorers including Christmas Columbus and Captain Cook. Inside and outside we have learnt about how to navigate to different places including using a campus to find North, South, East and West. 



Autumn 1 - Bounce

Sun Class have been learning the school rules and how to be rewarded class stars for good behaviour choices. Sun Class have already had a mini dance party and wonderful time playing parachute games. WELL DONE Sun Class you are making very good behaviour choices. 

In Sun Class we read everywhere! We are developing a love of reading. We had a healthy eating reading corner where the children could learn about food and healthy choices. Many children read and followed instructions to make healthy food mobiles. At the moment we have a sporty book area where the children are investigating their favourite sports and collecting sport facts. The children have been writing book reviews to persuade their friends to read their favourite book. 


In Design and technology the children have been experimenting with making moving parts. The children designed an air powered vehicle and then made it with a partner. Some of the balloons were tricky to blow up but the children kept trying!! Next week we are going to evaluate our product and say why we liked it and what we would change next time.