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Sun Class

Autumn 2- Life at Sea

In Sun Class during Physical Education lessons we have been learning lots of new ball skills. WE have learnt how to shoulder pass, chest pass, bounce pass and other dribbling skills. These are been practicing dribbling the ball using the inside of our foot in the outside area.

This half term we are learning an underwater dance in groups. We had to remember to dance in union with our partners which involves team work. WE ARE VERY GOOD at working collaboratively and keeping in time with our partners!


Autumn 1 - Materials

ALL the children have settled in well to Sun Class. Our first topic was materials. The children completed an assembly all about what they have learnt last week.

In Sun Class we have been enjoying doing lots of physical education. We have been learning new ball skills including underarm throws, bounce passes and shoulder passes.

We learnt about the world rugby cup and how rugby players keep healthy by doing lots of exercise. We have learnt new rugby skills including how to catch a rugby ball, pass the ball and move with the ball when passing.