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Star Class


Spring 2


In Star class we have been learning all about castles! We went on a fun and exciting trip to Windsor Castle. We learnt lots of new and interesting facts about Windsor Castle and could identify different parts of it that we had already learnt at school.



In maths we have been practising our multiplication and division, as well as, learning to tell the time to 5 minutes.


We have had great fun learning all about the Great Escape in History and wrote lots of facts that we had learnt. We also learnt about how people used to defend their castle in the old times. We are very glad we don't have to live in a castle that is under attack!


We also had a really fun day for Commonwealth Day! We learnt lots of facts about Nigeria and even learnt a traditional Nigerian dance.




Spring 1

In Star class we were learning all about Street Detectives. We went on an exciting trip around Feltham and learnt all about how Feltham has changed over the years. We looked out for places that we knew and places that we didn’t know as well. We learnt some really interesting facts, like, Spring Road used to have a spring on it!



We learnt a lot about how houses have changed over the years and how clothes and people have changed too. We painted in the style of an artist called Lowry. He used lots of dull colours and painted industrial cities. We used his style to create our own paintings of Feltham.


In maths we learnt lots of different ways to add and subtract. We used these different methods to help us so that we can do it in our heads. We also practised adding and taking away 10 from any number.

Autumn 2

This half term has been lots of fun in Star class! We have been learning all about our topic Life at Sea. We had a visit from the RNLI where we learnt lots of interesting information about how they rescue people. We even got to pretend we were at a beach surfing! It was so much fun!

In Science we have been learning all about floating and sinking. We tested whether material affects whether an object floats or sinks. We even tested whether shape makes an object float or sink. We had to be very careful and pretend that we were scientists!


In Geography we have been locating the countries of the UK and the seas that surround the UK. We have been practising our map skills so that we can locate lots of different countries and continents.

In PE we were learning different ball skills like dribbling, chest passes and bouncing. We also learnt dance and have been learning different dance moves to perform to each other.

Autumn 1

We have settled into Star class really well this half term and have been having fun learning all about our new topic ‘Minibeasts’.

We had an exciting visit from the ‘Big Bug Man’ who came and showed us lots of different minibeasts. He showed us lots of different stick insects, cockroaches and tarantulas. We weren’t scared at all!! We even got to hold some of them!

In art we have been learning all about the French artist Henri Matisse. He was famous for his paintings and his collages. First we had a go at recreating one of his collages. Then we used lots of contrasting and bright colours to make our own minibeasts collages. They are really good!