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Squirrel Class

Spring 2 - Space


This half term started with a crash…a space crash. We came back from school after half term and we found lots of bits and pieces in our playground! We heard that there had been an alien crash in the night and we were scientists trying to find out what all the materials were used for in the ship.


We had great fun busy learning with our grown-ups, creating our own mixed media solar system. We think the grown-ups enjoyed the morning too.


We had a man come into school with his planetarium to teach us about the constellations, and other facts about space. It was really exciting.

In Squirrel Class we have loved the space book Beegu. We created amazing mixed media artwork. Aren’t they amazing?


In RE we have been learning about Easter and we went on a trip to St Dunstans church. We took part in lots of activities and learnt lots about the story of Easter.

We are looking forward to our next topic of ‘Splendid Skies’ and visiting Kew Gardens.



Spring 1 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers

We have really enjoyed our topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers.


We started the topic by learning about zoos. We thought about what a zoo keeper would need day to day to help look after the animals.  We also designed our own zoo and a detailed key.

We focused on non-fiction writing and labelled parts of animals and wrote instructions on how to make a clay tortoise. We then followed the instructions to make our own tortoises out of clay.


We learnt about the continents in the world and where animals come from. We used non-fiction books to help us.

We had an exciting visit from Zoo-Lab where we learnt about different animals and had the opportunity to hold and touch them. After we wrote a recount using different sentence starters like then and next.


We then moved on to The Tiger Who Came to Tea and other Judith Kerr books.

We wrote a character description of the tiger using interesting describing words. We then retold the story using and to make our sentences longer.

We learnt about camouflage and went for a butterfly walk in the Foundation Stage wood area. We then sorted the butterflies into camouflaged and not camouflaged. We thought about which butterflies we thought would be eaten first.

We then learnt about variation in animals as well as humans. We completed tally charts for our class to find out the most common eye and hair colour. In Squirrel Class the most common eye colour is brown and so is the hair colour. We also have 3 children with green eyes.

For the first time at Feltham Hill we had a Animal Show. The children had the opportunity to bring in their pets with their parents! All of the parents and pets went into the hall and in small groups the children went to see the pets. They were able to ask questions and find out information.


Mrs Sekalongo also brought her dog Duchess in for the morning. The children were do kind with her and looked after her really well. She was very tired when she got home.


In RE we have been learning about how different people worship at home. We made Jewish Challah bread and shared it together.


We are now half way through the year! Have a lovely half term break!


Autumn 2 - London

We have had a busy second half term in Squirrel Class. Our topic has been London.

Lots of the children have been to London during the topic and have shared their photos with their friends. They were able to talk about where they went and what they saw. We used Google Maps to show the other children where these places are and what they look like. The children loved the ‘drop’ feature as they could pretend that they were there. We went on a boat up the River Thames and went inside the Shard.

We started our topic by learning about the Queen. We learnt about her life and wrote some facts about her. We had a Queen celebration when we made sandwiches and scones and had a tea party.




We then wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich.

We painted portraits of the Queen. We started with the outline of her face and then added finer details. They looked great!

We learnt about the Great Fire of London. We had an exciting workshop where we learnt about the fire. We went back in time to explore the fire ourselves using drama. We thought about why and how the fire spread so quickly. We looked at the building materials in 1666 and compared them to building materials now. We wrote a report about the fire and tried hard to start our sentences in different ways



During this half term we had a PHSE day called ‘Odd Sock Day’. We learnt about respect and how we are all different. We learnt a dance which was so much fun!

Andy's Odd Sock Song

We have been using BeeBotts in computing. We have been creating algorithms between two London landmarks on the floor mat. The children were also given some algorithms that they had to find the mistakes and debug.


We have also been learning about Christmas. As you know we put on an amazing Christmas performance of Prickly Hay. The children did so well, their acting and singing was brilliant, well done!  We retold the Christmas story in RE.


We are looking forward to our new topic of Paws, Claws and Whiskers.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy your break!

Autumn 1 – Enchanted Woodland

We have had such a busy start to Year 1. The children have settled really well and have bonded with their class mates. They have been using  their new skills and learning in the Busy Learning areas. They have been taking part in collaborative jobs and  supporting each other in our learning.

We can’t wait for you to see all of our amazing work at Parent’s evening!

We started our topic by getting to know the Oak Tree in our school playground.  We found out that it is a Turkey Oak Tree. The tree is our school is very tall and we think it is about 200 years old! We have learnt to name the parts of the tree (trunk, branch, leaf, and root). We spent time exploring the tree and the playground around it. We  felt the bumpy bark and some of us did bark rubbings. We looked carefully at the lobed leaves and some of us did leaf rubbings. We found insects and thought about the animals which could make the tree their home.



We went on a walk around the school and looked at the different trees and decided if they were evergreen trees of deciduous trees. We know the differences between them and can talk about their features. On our walk we were very excited as we saw a Red Kite flying in the playground. We had never seen one so close before.

Lots of us have been to visit a woodland as part of our homework and some of us even put photographs in our homework books. Some people went to Bedfont Lakes, some went to Bushy Park, some went to Virginia Water and some even had photographs of forests and woodlands far away from here! Some children have had a lot of fun finding big puddles to jump in! Lots of us have also been very busy researching facts about forests and trees around the country and even the world! We have had some amazing fairy houses brought in to school, which the children confident told the class about how they were made.

We have been collecting and looking at natural objects found in a woodland, like leaves, conkers, acorns, sticks, twigs, and making amazing art using them. We have focused this natural art on the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We created some art like his and took a photo on the iPad.


We have been finding out about woodland animals using fiction and non-fiction books. We have used what we know about woodland animals to write riddles which we read to our friends and they have to listen carefully to figure out which animal we are describing. We have all been very excited when we see squirrels outside our window.

We learnt about the author and illustrator Beatrix Potter.  We wrote character descriptions about Peter Rabbit and used sketching pencils and water colour paints to make our own Beatris Potter character. 


We have enjoyed reading a selection of Traditional Tales and using stick puppets to retell the stories. We really liked making our own class e-book, based on the story of Red Riding Hood. We used the software called 2publish on the laptops to draw a section of the story and then add words underneath. They have turned out really well and the children have been proud of their work.


Well done Squirrel class on a fantastic fisrt half term!






Enchanted Woodland

Painshill Park 18/6/18

When we arrived at Painshill Park we walked over a beautiful bridge and put our things in the cloakroom. We then had a health and safety talk and we were told not to eat anything we find and to look out for ‘stingy thingys’ (stinging nettles).

The first thing we did  was met a man called Adam. He showed us how we could make goblins using woodland materials. We had to find some mud and then add sticks and stones and other things to make it's face. It was really good fun, but messy!


He took us on a fairy tale story walk around the park. He was very funny and had lots of props in his bag. We played a game where we needed to use our imagination and find ingredients to make gingerbread men, and then a fox came to chase and eat the gingerbread men!

One child dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and we set off on a mission to find Grandma’s house. Along the way, we thought we saw a beanstalk growing in the distance and imagined we were the giant. We also found a Princess Castle and one child pretended to be Sleeping Beauty and the rest of us needed to wake her up!

We looked for ‘magical unicorn horns’ and continued on our mission to find Grandma’s house.

We went down a hill and found a beautiful quiet space. We had a rest and looked at the view.

We found it! At first we thought we had found Grandma but then we quickly realised it was actually a wolf!

The wolf chased us all the way back to the tearoom where some of us thought we saw a glimpse of Grandma having a cup of tea!

We then had our lunch and played on the climbing equipment.



After lunch we built mini dens. We needed to find sticks, grass and leaves and it needed to be big enough for our hands to fit underneath it. Lisa then poured water over it to see if it was waterproof or not.

After mini dens we needed to build big dens – ‘DEN DEN DEN’ – but first we needed to collect long grass to help build them.


We needed to work as a team and help each other. We had to find long sticks to use as the walls for the den. We needed to create a door and find things to use as furniture for the inside. We needed to build a strong roof which would keep the den waterproof.

We had to think of a name for our dens and then when it was finished, get inside and Lisa asked us three questions:

  1. Is your den super strong?
  2. Is your den warm and cosy?
  3. Is your den WATERPROOF?

Lisa tested whether or not our dens were waterproof by pouring a bucket over the den. Some people got a bit wet! Some people hid under a poncho.


We collected our things and got back on the coach to school. It was a very busy day!


Summer 1

We have had such a fun time this half term learning about London!

We started off the topic learning about the Queen. We did a reading comprehension about facts about her life. We then looked at a photo of the Queen and Prince Philip on their wedding and they thought about questions they would like to find out.

We then wrote an invitation inviting the Queen to come to a tea party at our school. We thought about the features of an invitation e.g. time, date, location and what people need to bring.

We used Google Maps to help the Queen find her way to school and thought about what parks she would go past on her way to Feltham Hill from Buckingham Palace.

We wrote facts about the Queen’s life and painted portraits of her.


A highlight was when the Queen came for tea. We made scones, and sandwiches to share with her. We even made her favourite, cucumber sandwiches which she really enjoyed!  We showed her some of the work we had done so far in the topic and sang her some London songs. 



We learnt how to use compass directions and direct friends from one place on a map to another. We also used this skill in Busy Learning outside. We drew maps of our school and thought about why a key is important.

We found out what the countries in the United Kingdom were called and what their capital cities are.

We then started learning about the Great Fire of London. We had a great workshop that taught us about what happened and we acted out the story using drama and movement.  

We looked at buildings in 1666 and now and thought about why the fire spread so quickly. We looked at the building materials and thought about why London is very different now.

We wrote a repots about the Great Fire of London and collaged landscapes.

When the Royal baby was born we wrote a newspaper report telling the country the exciting news!

To celebrate the Royal wedding we had a school street party where we had a picnic and sang some of the songs we have learnt during this topic.

We took part in a class assembly to tell all of our grown-ups about our learning!

Spring 2

In Squirrel Class this half term we have been learning about Dinosaurs.

We read the Land of the Dinosaurs and then retold the story, and tried to use interesting words in our writing. We had a go at writing an acrostic poem about dinosaurs and a fact sheet about dinosaurs.

We learnt about how animals can be categorised, into herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. We thought about how we could tell the difference by looking at their teeth! We also learnt about how animals can be categorized into birds, fish, reptiles, mammals and amphibians, and how we know which category they would fit into.  

We learnt about a lady named Mary Anning who was a famous palaeontologist. She was born in 1799 and found lots of fossils in Lyme Regis. We made a timeline of her life and wrote her life story.

We learnt about continents and found out where different fossils were found around the world.  

During Computing  we made stop motion videos of dinosaurs and learnt how to program algorithms using the App ‘Daisy the Dinosaur.’

We had a visit from Darren, a palaeontologist who came to school to teach us about dinosaurs and fossils. We found our own fossils in sand using brushes. He brought 2 friends with him, Baby Jack a 6 week old t-rex and Sophie a 5 year old t-rex. We wrote a recount of the workshop.


We made our own model dinosaurs using Model Magic, which we painted to make them look more life like.

In RE we learnt about the Easter Story. We went to the church and had a practical morning learning about the story in more detail.

For Busy Learning Morning we had some of our grown-ups come to make shape dinosaurs with us.



Spring 1

This half term we have been learning about SPACE in Squirrel Class.

On the first day back after the Christmas holidays there was an alien space crash in the playground! We went to investigate the crash site. We  then did a fantastic recount of what had happened.


They then collected samples from the crash site and thought about the properties of these items.

After they found classroom objects and created a ‘Welcome to Earth Box’ with things that the children would give an alien if they came to Earth. They thought about the properties of these objects too.











We spent some time looking at the Beegu book. The children wrote a retell of the story, thinking about the structure of a story, including a beginning, a middle and an end. We also made a muiiltumedia Beegu picture using collage, wax crayons and paint wash.


We explored the ipads and draw a picture of our own alien. We thought about the colours we used and created a speech bubble with alien talk in it. We then evaluated our pictures.

We learnt about Tim  Peake, a British austronaut who went into space in2016 to work at the International Space Station. We made a timeline of his like and wrote some facts about him.

We looked at moving toys and thought about HOW they move. They then designed their own moving toy and made it using different tools and materials.



We had an astrology workshop come to school with a big tent to teach us about the stars. It was really fun. We did some writing about it.

In maths we were very busy. We did some work on doubling, odd and even numbers. We learnt about days of the week and months of the year and o’clock and half past.

In PHSE we have been thinking about goals and perseverance. We thought of our own goals and thought about how we could achieve them. We also worked together as teams to build a string spaghetti and marshmallow tower.

Autumn 2

This half term we have been learning about Heroes and have thought about some real life heroes. We learnt about the life of a famous nurse called Mary Seacole.


A lady  came to school to tell us all about her about her life through story telling and drama.

“Mary Seacole was born in 1805 in Jamaica” Sian

“She was Creole and had mixed skin. She wanted to be a nurse to help the soldiers.” Shay

“She went to the Crimean War  to help the soldiers. She opened a British Hotel. She made medicine.” Frankie

“They called her Mother Seacole because she was like a mum.” Sonu

“Her husband got sick and he died. Mary died May 1881 and they built a statue to remember  her in 2016.” Rami.


We then did some amazing writing about her life!




Autumn 1

This half term we have been learning about weather.

We have been creating weather forecasts and learning about temperature.



We made kites and went outside to test them and see how the wind makes objects move.


We looked at the artist Rousseau and his painting in the storm. We painted our own stormy picture and mixed the colours to create different stormy shades. We thought about what was happening in the background and foreground of the picture.


In maths we have done lots of number work, including adding and taking away. We have learnt how to write number sentences, and some of the children wrote great independent number sentences in Busy Learning. 

We have also learnt about shape and made our own repeating patterns. In Busy Learning the children used carpet shapes to make their own repeating patterns.


In PE we have been learning different ball skills, including throwing, catching, bouncing and hockey skills. We also learnt how to play dodgeball which was really fun.


We are looking forward to our next topic of Superheroes.




Summer Term

This term Squirrel Class have been learning about Dinosaurs.  We started off our topic with a visit from the dinosaur man.







We pretended we were paleantologists and searched for fossils.  We learnt that Mary Anning was a famous scientist who found a ichthyosaurus skeleton on the beach in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Image result for ichthyosaurus




We have written facts about different types of dinosaurs.












In our busy learning areas we have been practising to count in 10s and create dinosaur scenes.  

The children have worked really hard on their homework and we have even had some dinosaur films:


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Spring Term 2017

Squirrel class went to St Dunstans Church to learn about why Christians celebrate Easter.


We listened to stories about Jesus and took part in many fun activities.


We have been learning directional language in computing. We used beebots in groups to navigate around landmarks in London on maps.

We learnt -  Never Eat Shredded Wheat to help us remember the directional positions!




Autumn 2 2016

This week we were lucky to have a visit from a vet nursecalled Jess.  She talked to use about looking after our pets, especially dogs, cats and guinea pigs.  She bought 2 guinea pigs with her.

At the end we got to listen to our heart beating through the stethoscope!


Autumn 1 2016

This half term we have been learning all about the weather.  We went on a nature walk and found lots of signs of Autumn.  


We collected lots of different nature objects along the way.

We have also been learning about the artist 'Rousseau'.  We looked at his painting called ship in the storm.  

We painted our own ship in a storm.  We used light and dark shades to create the storm.



Aren't they FAB?


Thank you for the tremendous homework.  We have seen some really great work!