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Sports Premium 2017-2018

How the money is being spent at FHIN 2017-2018

  • PE teachers or qualified sports coaches work alongside our teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE lessons
  • Professional development opportunities for staff in PE and sport
  • Opportunities for children to learn about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Workshops to promote an enjoyment of sport and an awareness of the importance of keeping fit
  • Enabling the less able children to develop their basic movement skills and challenge the most able pupils
  • Use sport/PE as a means of supporting emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Encourage increased participation of girls doing sport                                       

Budget 2017-2018 £18,450








Sport Coach from Surrey Multi Sports (SMS) to work alongside teachers and TAs



Reception/ KS1 CTs and TAs

Improved subject knowledge and therefore better outcomes for children. eg Deputy observed Reception CT using PE skills learnt from previous coaching sessions. All children engaged and applying skills learnt.


Sept-April ‘18

Sport Coach to run lunch club to run active games

inc in SMS package

KS1 pupils

Increase participation in sport among the less active children and increase their enthusiasm for sport to improve their health and wellbeing.


March 2018

Dance workshop


KS1 pupils and Reception

To promote  a love of dance and improve skill levels


Jan 2018

PE co-ordinator attended two PE conferences


PE co-ordinator

CPD to maintain subject knowledge and awareness of local/National initiatives.


April –July 2018



Year 2

Being safe around water, ability to swim.



Summer term 2018

School council teaching children playground games.


KS1 children

Increased activity of children at lunchtime.



Future Plan - Because of the unexpected increase in the sports premium budget we are going to look into additional areas to support:

  • Year 2 swimming in Autumn and Spring term 2018/2019
  • Year 1 swimming in Summer term 2019
  • Using Dancenergy to provide CPD for new teachers, unqualified teachers.
  • Using Dancenergy to provide training for SMSAs on getting the children active at lunchtime.