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School Council 2018-2019


June 2019

In our meetings the councillors have been sharing ideas about how to improve their school. The councillors took a list of ideas back to their classes to discuss and get some new ideas too.

After discussion we found the most popular idea was to introduce a place for children to go at playtimes when they want someone new to play with.

The councillors discussed their favourite options and eventually voted for a ‘bus stop‘ style sign. They chose the buddy bus stop design and now we are waiting for money to be raised so that we can buy it!

Thank you to all this year’s School Councillors who have contributed their enthusiasm and ideas for making their school even better.

February 2019

School Council had a meeting with the Deputy Head Miss Sinclair to look at the new school dinner menu. This new menu was created by Slim the chef with input from the School Council and parents. The School Council met with Slim earlier in the year to discuss their food likes and dislikes and then discussed these ideas with their class. Slim created a menu based on their input.

They gave the new menu the thumbs up!


July 2018

Miss Sinclair asked the School Councillors to have a meeting about the new school lunches starting in September. We wanted to find out the sorts of food the children enjoy eating at home.  We also wanted to discuss healthy food options.

The School Councillors were given questionnaires to take back to their classes so that every child had the opportunity to share their ideas about what food they would like served at lunchtime. The results of this will be reflected in the food choices available to the children in September!