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Reception - Bluebird Class



July 2018

We welcomed our families to come and see the art work we have created this year as part of a whole school art Gallery.  The exhibitions were well attended with parents praised the presentation of work displayed.


June 2018


We came back from half-term to discover our new trim trail and tree house have been completed and we can have lots of fun on them.  This will really support our gross motor needs as part of our Occupational Therapy.



May 2018

We celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan with a Regal Picnic.  We enjoyed making our crowns and eating outside while we listened to Year 1 performs songs.


April 2018


The annual trip to Bocketts Farm was a success.  We saw lots of animals on our Tractor Ride.  Followed by us watching a pig race and petting animals like PJ the rabbit.

March 2018


We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters.  Our teachers were characters from the Three Little Pigs and Meg and Mog.


February 2018

What an experience! Real snow for use to play with our friends. 


December 2017


Our annual trip to the post office is another example of the real life application of the learning that takes place in Bluebird Class.  We posted our letters to Santa and take created a post office within the classroom.



November 2017

We took our first trip off school premises to the local park to observe aspects of autumn.  We showed good following directions and held onto our friends hands as we nagivated the route around the park with a mainstream class.  We found different coloured leaves as well as some berries.  



October 2017


We were very lucky to have Firefigther Singh come and visit us.  He showed us what firefighters need to wear to keep themselves safe.  We learnt that firefighters do lots of tasks.  They put out fires, save animals and search for lost people.



We had some special visitors teach us how to use music to enhance stories.  We learnt how to start and stop playing instruments by following a conductor as well as playing rhythms loudly and softly.  



June 2017


We nutured caterpillers into butterflies.

We enjoyed taking part in our school's Sports Day and having our families come and watch us compete.


Some tiny ponies came to visit and we were in awe of them.  We brushed their manes and petted them gently.


May 2017


We have been learning to care for animals through our Vet role-play area.


We have also been learning how to build different structures as we read 'The Three Little Pigs'.


April 2017


Our annual trip to Brockett's Farm was very enjoyable.  We petted some little animals then went on a tractor ride.  This was followed by a picnic lunch then we watched a pig race before getting the coach back to school.




March 2017


We have been visiting Reception to watch chicks hatching from eggs.  Also we stroked them and were surprised by how much noise they can make, 'cheep cheep'.  



We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of the characters from our favourite books.

February 2017


"I like that, want to do it again" said one child after they overcame their anxieties and sensory difficulties to thoroughly enjoy a session of foot painting with music.

January 2017


New Year, new topic and this half-term we are learning about bears.  With Eric Carle's books about what bears see and hear as well as the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to enhance the teaching and learning at school.

December 2016


As Christmas is fast approaching we wrote letters to Santa, went to the post office to buy some stamps and popped our letters in the post box outside.


 A very special visitor came to see Bluebird Class.  He had noticed all the good choices we have been making this year.

November 2016

Since returning after half-term we have been reading 'Room on the Broom' by listening to the story, naming the animals and pretending to make spells.



October 2016

Bluebird Class joined a mainstream class for our first trip.  We went on an Autumn Walk to the local park and looked at the trees and their features such as fallen leaves, nuts and berries.


Earth Song came to visit us.  We practiced learning how to start and stop playing musical instruments, such as, shakers and drums.  We also learnt how to play them loudy and softly.  It was great to get the opportunity to show off the skills we had been learning in our music sessions.


September 2016


We've been learning our routines so our days are better understood.  This is us first thing in the morning.  We hang up our coats and bags, place our water bottles next to the sink then sit at the table where we find our name cards, read our social stories then complete tasks which are individually selected to help us.



June 2016

This term we have enjoyed celebrating the Queens 90th birthday by having a picnic and games with our friends.


We wore red, white and blue clothes to match the colours of the Union Jack flag.


Mrs Baker brought in her snails for us to look at as we learn about mini-beasts. We talked about what they like to eat and described what they look like. We found out that they like to eat apples the best.  

As we learn more about different mini-beasts we have also been looking at ladybirds.  We enjoyed painting our own ladybirds. We have put them up on our wall for all to look at because we are so proud of them.


April 2016


We went to Brockett’s Farm to look at pet some of the animals.  We went on a tractor ride around the farm before watching an exciting pig race.


March 2015

We celebrated Easter this term and enjoyed taking part in an Easter egg hunt.



Bluebird Class took part in Sports Relief running around a coned track. We were part of a relay that kept the running going all day long.  As a result we raised £452.35 for charity.


We celebrate our love of reading and World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters and reading our favourite books.

February 2015


We have been celebrating lots of different cultural events this month.  We celebrated ‘Paczki Day’ a traditional Polish celebration where food similar to doughnuts are eaten, we came together as a centre to share our food in honour of this day.

We also celebrate ‘Shrove Tuesday’ by making pancakes and eating them, this tradition is similar to the Polish celebration.


Bluebird Class joined a mainstream class to take part in a drumming workshop with Earthsong to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We also celebrated another class birthday to mark the passing of time and the celebration of us as individuals and the marking this event by sharing food with those who are important to us.

January 2016

Note for you Diary:

Annual Reviews for Bluebird Class will be on Friday 12th February 2016



Dental nurses came to visit our school and we learnt how to take care of our teeth.  We brushed our own teeth and also practice brushing our teddy bears teeth as we get them ready for bed or when they wake up in the morning to get ready for school.



We have been using the image of a bear to support our making skills.



Dinosaurs invaded Feltham Hill.  Children stroked a life-size dinosaur as they took part in a learning visit.

Note for you Diary:

Happy New Year

School starts back on Monday 4th January 2016


December 2015



Our December month started with a trip to the post office to post our letters to Santa.  We are learning songs about him and other features of this festive season to perform at our Winter Concert.


November 2015

Some captivating visitors came to see us.  We touched snakes, lizards, spiders and lots of other interesting living things.

October 2015

Miss Lovelock joined our team as our new SMSA who supports the children at lunchtimes.

A very special visitor came to meet the children in Bluebird Class as the Mayor took a tour of the school.

We loved learning an adapted version of ‘The Gruffalo’ which was then personalised with photos of our families as well as learning the full version.  We like watching the animated story at the end of the half-term.

We made Gruffalos using play dough and pegs.

We joined the mainstream reception class on an enriching walk around a nearby park hunting for autumnal features.


As we learnt more about Halloween, we learnt about spiders and enjoyed making spiders and singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’.

We read ‘Funnybones’ a book about skeletons to learn more about characters we may see during Halloween.

September 2015

We are learning about cleaning through Mrs Wishy-Washy our class book where the animals say “Oh, lovely mud!”


We are also learnig the names of our adults and acted out their roles in the role-play area.

We began to learn to wash our hands to keep our bodies safe and clean.

And we began to learn how to hang up our coats using the loop and put on our coats using the flip technique to keep us safe and warm.


We are learning to build towers from a range of construction materials.

We also celebrated our first special event which was one of our friend’s birthday.




Note for you Diary:

Summer Showcase for Parents

Thursday 16 July at 1:15pm

July 2015

Sports Day was a huge success with children exclaiming "That was great!" and "That was fun!" the teams we belonged to even won a few races.  We were very proud.


We took part in a dental survey, got some free toothbrushes and tubes of toothpaste so we can keep our teeth nice and clean.

We trusted each other to go on some Sensory Walks. 

We took part in an exciting Hula Hoop workshop with the rest of Reception.


And in a exciting World Music Workshop.

June 2015

We added Transport as a new topic into the classroom and moved our jungle theme into the Sensory Room to provide further opportunities to embed and extend learning.


Lucky us, we got a desktop computer added to our learning envirnoment.

We focussed on the difference between drawing and colouring in.


May 2015

We added a life-size Pirate Ship into our learning enviroment which allowed the children to share their own experiences and introduce a narrative into their play.


April 2015

We are learning all about the jungle and wild animals this term, with emphasis on describing characters, events and settings.


We will be comparing wild animals to farm animals.


We went to Bockett's Farm to meet farm animals in their natural setting.  We petted alot of animals, watched the pig's race and took an enjoyable tractor ride around the farm.



March 2015

We had lots of fun using Messy Play to address sensory defensiveness.  We use role-play characters to act out scenarios such as, a birthday party.  We also learnt how to make blueberry muffins and chocolate.  Then went to our local Tesco's to make our own bread in their bakery.


The children's Annual Reviews also took place where all children met their targets.


February 2015

We had more visitors in February.  Some beautifully majestic owls came to visit.


Then we took part in a Circus Skills workshop.



January 2015

Zoo Lab came to visit Year One and we joined them to see and hold a vast array of creatures like a giant snail, a snake and a millipede.


We were also lucky enough to attend a Dance Workshop about 'The Enormous Crocodile' with Year Two.  Some of us showed good attention in following the visual instructions.

December 2014


We have been focussing on using bricks and blocks to build houses for our farm yard animals and children were supported to problem solve difficulties in their constructions.

We really enjoyed our visit from the firemen, an artist who showed us how to paint a special bauble for our trees and a theatrical team who performed their pantomime version of Cinderella.

We even had a special guest appearance from Santa.


We also won the attendance bear in December for having 100% attendance.


SALT Update: We learnt about what we look like and sharing some of our favourite things.  We use pretend play to act out different short stories, especially enjoyed pretending to be Santa then retelling the story using little people and toys.

OT Update: We have been pushing and pulling, jumping and crawling, rolling and climbing to develop our gross motor skills.


October 2014

In the first half-term we welcomed the beginning of Bluebird Class.  We celebrated a birthday.

We began learning about the Gruffalo:

Children learnt the repetitive language in our adapted story.

They learnt the different sounds of the animals then they read individualised versions that featured their family members.

They meet their Occupational Therapist Mrs Shah and their Speech and Language Therapist Miss Nikki.  We used SCERTS and symbols to help us communication and focussed on the ‘Who?’ of sentences.  For example: Who open pot? Mr Owens open pot please?

We’ve also been looking at different ways of making big circles: