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Reception - Bluebird Class


May 2019


Our annual trip to Bocketts Farm went really well.  The children enjoyed meeting the animals and overcoming their fears.  We saw a goat being milked, petted PJ the rabbit as well as some other small animals.  We watched the very fast Pig Race and took a ride on the tractor around the farm.  It was a great day with glorious weather and lots of fun.


April 2019

We helped raise money for the Friend of Feltham Hill sponsored Bunny Bounce.


March 2019


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes.  We remembered what ingredients we needed and took turns mixing the

m together.  We liked it when Mr Owens flipped our pancakes before we ate them.


February 2019


The Centre was lucky to meet a very special guest, Geneviene the tortoise came to visit.  We treated her with care and attention.  She moved a lot faster than we thought.


We also celebrated Chinese New Year and learnt about how all the animals raced against each other in an attempt to measure time.  With the closure of cinema a new Chinese restaurant opened in it place much to the glee of the students in Bluebird.  We tried some real noodles, doing our very best to use 'chopsticks' and enjoy acting out this scenario in the restaurant.



January 2019


Bluebird Class have been really lucky to start some multi-skill sessions with Coach Emma.  We have been working on balancing, co-ordination and ball skills.  When we make good choices and try our best Coach Emma gives us some smelly stickers which we love.


December 2018


We attended the annual trip to post a letter to Santa.  We walked to the nearest post box and posted our letters.  Before we went we wrote our letters with the help of our teachers and then bought some stamps in our role-play post office.


It is also Bluebird tradition that every year we decorate a tree for the Centre.



November 2018


We attended a Creepy Creature Workshop with a mainstream class.  We held and stroked lots of creatures like Luna the Snail, Charlie the Cockroache, Matilda the Millipede, Harley the Snake and Wizard the Rat.


October 2018


Bluebird Class were really privileged to attend the annual musical workshop with Earth Song.  We tried lots of different types to instruments.




July 2018

We welcomed our families to come and see the art work we have created this year as part of a whole school art Gallery.  The exhibitions were well attended with parents praised the presentation of work displayed.


June 2018


We came back from half-term to discover our new trim trail and tree house have been completed and we can have lots of fun on them.  This will really support our gross motor needs as part of our Occupational Therapy.



May 2018

We celebrated the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan with a Regal Picnic.  We enjoyed making our crowns and eating outside while we listened to Year 1 performs songs.


April 2018


The annual trip to Bocketts Farm was a success.  We saw lots of animals on our Tractor Ride.  Followed by us watching a pig race and petting animals like PJ the rabbit.

March 2018


We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters.  Our teachers were characters from the Three Little Pigs and Meg and Mog.


February 2018

What an experience! Real snow for use to play with our friends. 


December 2017


Our annual trip to the post office is another example of the real life application of the learning that takes place in Bluebird Class.  We posted our letters to Santa and take created a post office within the classroom.



November 2017

We took our first trip off school premises to the local park to observe aspects of autumn.  We showed good following directions and held onto our friends hands as we nagivated the route around the park with a mainstream class.  We found different coloured leaves as well as some berries.  



October 2017


We were very lucky to have Firefigther Singh come and visit us.  He showed us what firefighters need to wear to keep themselves safe.  We learnt that firefighters do lots of tasks.  They put out fires, save animals and search for lost people.



We had some special visitors teach us how to use music to enhance stories.  We learnt how to start and stop playing instruments by following a conductor as well as playing rhythms loudly and softly.  



June 2017


We nutured caterpillers into butterflies.

We enjoyed taking part in our school's Sports Day and having our families come and watch us compete.


Some tiny ponies came to visit and we were in awe of them.  We brushed their manes and petted them gently.


May 2017


We have been learning to care for animals through our Vet role-play area.


We have also been learning how to build different structures as we read 'The Three Little Pigs'.


April 2017


Our annual trip to Brockett's Farm was very enjoyable.  We petted some little animals then went on a tractor ride.  This was followed by a picnic lunch then we watched a pig race before getting the coach back to school.




March 2017


We have been visiting Reception to watch chicks hatching from eggs.  Also we stroked them and were surprised by how much noise they can make, 'cheep cheep'.  



We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as some of the characters from our favourite books.

February 2017


"I like that, want to do it again" said one child after they overcame their anxieties and sensory difficulties to thoroughly enjoy a session of foot painting with music.

January 2017


New Year, new topic and this half-term we are learning about bears.  With Eric Carle's books about what bears see and hear as well as the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to enhance the teaching and learning at school.