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Autumn 1

Post Box Trip

The Reception children have written a letter to Santa! We walked to the post office to post our letters. Some children were lucky enough to see the postman who was posting letters to the houses nearby. 


Zoo Lab

Reception were lucky enough to have some creepy crawly visitors. Each class visited 'Zoo Lab' where the children were told some spooky stories from a witch. She brought some interesting visitors; a rat, a millipede, a cockroach, a snake and a giant african land snail.



   Autumn Walk

The children in Reception have had a busy and exciting first term at school. All the children went on an autumn walk to the local park. They looked for signs of autumn and collected some beautiful autumn leaves.


Heavier and lighter baking

The children have also been baking cakes and have used balance scales to weigh the ingredients.  They are beginning to use comparative language such as ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’ to describe the ingredients and  the balance scales.


Earth Song

Reception started the year with the topic 'Africa' where each class learnt more about their class animal. We had a visit from 'Earth Song' where we explored musical instruments from Africa. The children particularly enjoyed the drums!