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Rainbow Class

Spring 2- Minibeasts

This term we have been very busy exploring and investigating! Our topic this term has been Minibeasts and on the first day of term we went on an exciting minibeast hunt. We explored the different microhabitats around school and found so many different minibeasts! We found lots of woodlice and worms under the logs and many more! We even found two white caterpillars hiding in the nursery garden!

In art we have made our own minibeast models with clay and our own minibeast collages in the style of the famous French artist Henri Matisse. We have learnt lots in science this term too including the life cycle of a butterfly… We were so excited to find out that a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly!

We were also lucky enough to look after the African land snails for a week. We learnt how to look after them and then wrote our own instructions in writing.


Spring 1- Towers and Turrets

We have had a very busy half term in Rainbow class! We started off with a very exciting castle day! We got to dress up as people who live and work in a castle. We made bread, designed our own shield, did acrobats and even told jokes as jesters. In the afternoon we had an amazing banquet in the hall where we all shared food and used the goblets we made to drink out of!


We also had a fantastic trip to the Tower of London where we learnt all about how to train as knights. We spotted lots of interesting things...did you know that the Tower of London used to be a zoo?! 


This has been a really fun half term where we have been reading lots of  fairy tales. We learnt the story of Rapunzel and then from this we were able to create our own fairytale with lots of interesting story language! 

Autumn 2 - Life at Sea!

This half term has been very exciting in Rainbow class! Our new topic was Life at Sea so we have been learning about different sea explorers and rescuers. To start off the topic we learnt about Grace Darling and acted out her story! We learnt all about how brave she was.


In History we have been learning about different sea explorers like Christopher Columbus, Walter Raleigh and Captain Cook. We pretended to be Walter Raleigh and asked him questions about his life. We also learnt how to use a timeline to order events from history. 


In Geography we have been learning about the different continents and countries the sea explorers have visited and learning North, South, East and West using a compass. 4

In maths we have been learning to tell the time and using everyday experiences to help us tell the time. Some of us even wrote  a schedule for Santa so he could deliver his presents on time!

Swimming continued to be great fun and the children made amazing progress throughout the term! Thank you again to all the parents who volunteered to help! It really wouldn't be possible without you! 

Autumn 1 - Bounce

Rainbow class have had a great start to year 2 and have settled in fantastically. Our topic this half term is Bounce and we have been learning about keeping fit and healthy! 

We started off the topic with a fun, active engage day where we were able to try lots of different sports which included tennis, hockey and rugby. We learnt the rules of lots of different games which later helped us to write great instructions to one of the games.

The activities didn't stop there! In our outside busy learning we have continued to be active and enthusiastic about sport! There is a gym where they can keep fit whilst also practising their maths skills by counting and measuring. 

In maths we have been learning about place value, different strategies for addition and subtraction and we have started learning about multiplication and division in practical situations. 


Swimming has been great fun every week! All the children try their hardest and have made fantastic progress. Thank you to the parents who have helped with swimming ! Without you we would not be able to run such great activities for the children!

In DT we have been thinking about moving parts. We designed and made our own balloon powered car!