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Rainbow Class



Summer 1

Rainbow class had a fantastic half term exploring different Materials! We started off the topic in a messy way by feeling different materials and using adjectives to describe them. 


In science the children enjoyed doing an experiment to investigate and find out what happens to water when you add different materials to it! They made a prediction before doing the experiment and some of the results were surprising! 



We were very lucky to have a visit from Professor Bubble works! He showed us some amazing experiments all about air and we even made our own slime! Rainbow class loved being scientists for the day. 



We had lots of fun reading George's Marvellous medicine together. This helped us think of our own disgusting recipe with lots of horrible ingredients in it! Rainbow class did some amazing creative writing in the style of Roald Dahl which included their medicines.


Spring 2

Rainbow class have had a very exciting half term learning all about castles!  We have been learning all the different defence features of a castle. To start our topic off  year 2 became a castle for the day. On castle day we attended a banquet where some children were lucky enough to sit at the high table! We even made goblets to use at the banquet.


We were also lucky enough to take a trip to the amazing Windsor castle where we learnt lots about different features of a castle. We used this experience to write a recount of our exciting visit. Hopefully the queen will invite us back soon!


In P.E we have been practising our gymnastics skills and now most children in Rainbow Class can do forward roll independently!

In R.E. we learnt about how different people and religions welcome babies. We learnt about how Christians, Sikhs and Muslims welcome babies into their family and religion.

At the end of the half term we were lucky enough to celebrate World Common Wealth day! We used atlases to learn all about what it is like in India compared to the UK. We were very lucky to learn some Bollywood dancer by a professional dancer! We even made some chapattis and they were delicious!



Spring 1

This half term in Rainbow class our topic has been 'Street Detectives'. We started off the topic with an intersting history walk around Feltham! We learnt about different types of buildings and how to tell if a building is old or modern. We then used what we learnt on our walk in Geography to make a map of the local area using a key.                         

In History we have been learning all about Feltham highstreet and how it has changed over time. This helped us to do some great non-fiction writing comparing  shopping now and shopping in the 1940s.      

In art we have been learning about the artist L.S. Lowry. We learnt that Lowry painted pictures of towns in Northern England using dull colours and straight, dark lines. We recreated parts of Feltham in his style. The works of art look fantastic!


Autumn 2

We have had a fantastic half term in Rainbow class!

Our topic this half term has been all about 'Life at sea'. We were very lucky to have a visit from John and John from the RNLI. We learnt how to be safe in water! We used this experience to write an information text about water safety.

In Science we carried out experiments to test which objects float and which sink. We then used plastercine to make boats that float. We had to try different shapes to see which shape is best for a boat.

In science we also made circuits to light a bulb for a lighthouse.


In History we learnt about Grace Darling. We acted out her story in groups and used this to write our own rescue story! Rainbow class were very creative with their wonderful ideas!



In Rainbow class we have been looking forward to Christmas and learning all about Advent. We made Christingles in R.E to help us understand why Christians celebrate the birth of Jeus.



Autumn 1

We have settled really well into year 2 and have been enjoying learning about our new topic, 'Minibeasts'.

We were very lucky to have an exciting visit from Bug Man! He showed us Minibeasts from all over the world. We saw and learnt about cockroaches, stick insects, tarantulas and millipedes. ​We even got to hold some of them!


In science we have been learning about the different micro habitats where you might find minibeasts and why they like to live there. We have also been learning about life cycles and food chains.