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Preparing your child for Nursery

Starting Nursery, whether for the first time or at a new setting is a challenging time for children and parents alike. So here at Feltham Hill Infant and Nursery School we are keen to support this process as much as possible. Below are some helpful hints and tips to help adults and children prepare before and when it’s time to start.


Visit the school

Before your child starts it is always a good idea to take them to see the Nursery on one of the open day tours that run throughout the year or at the welcome stay and play evenings held at Feltham Hill at the end of the summer term when places have been offered. This will allow your child to become familiar with the environment, the resources and the staff so that it is not such a shock when they start.


Talk to your child about Nursery and all the exciting things they will be doing when they start

It is important for your child to know that there are lots of fun activities for them to do in the Nursery. If you’ve brought them to look around then talk about the toys and resources that they will enjoy using as well as those that they may never have encountered.


Be positive about the whole experience with your child even when you may not feel it.

We understand that it is very difficult to leave your child with unfamiliar adults in an unfamiliar setting especially if they are wary. However, it is key to show a positive outlook if possible. If you’re scared and upset this will have an impact on your child just as much as if you are happy and excited.


Develop those key independent skills

When your child starts in the Nursery there are certain skills that it is essential they have developed.


The first of these is putting on their coat and shoes by themselves, this will ensure that when it is time to go outside or home your child can do so on their own and are not waiting for a member of the nursery staff who could potential have up to 29 others to put on and zip up.


The next is being able to go to the toilet.  Clothes that fit are a must for toileting so clothes that can easily be taken down and up without support. Although staff are able to assist with certain aspects and will wherever possible, there are some things that we would expect a child to do for themselves.      


Provide your child with opportunities to engage with children of a similar age

Before starting we would always encourage you to take your children to places where they will have the opportunity to play and engage with others. This could be over the local play park, at soft play or at stay-and-play sessions available in the community.


This will help your child to develop the skills for playing alongside others and they may even meet some of the other children who they will be starting in the Nursery with.


Read stories and sing rhymes every day

Stories and songs are really important in the early development of children and at Feltham Hill we love to share these with children on a daily basis. Many parents are doing so at home as well but it never hurts to be reminded just how important it is to share books and songs with your child.


At this early stage of learning if a love for reading can be instilled in children then it will more than likely continue throughout their school life and beyond.


Click here to watch videos of the current Nursery teacher, Mr Roake, telling stories and singing rhymes.


Click here to go to the BBC Teach website which has a wide range of nursery rhyme videos that you can sing with your child


Ask questions and talk to the staff.

The current Nursery team have a wealth of experience between them and although they may not always have every answer they will always strive to answer anything they can to help put your mind at ease.