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School visits

In our school we want children to feel safe and happy so that they are able to learn. We believe it is important to work closely with parents and carers.

Throughout an academic year we invite parents/carers in for a variety of reasons which include providing information and celebrating children’s achievements.

There are parent consultation evenings in the autumn and spring terms so staff can discuss the child’s learning, friendships and behaviour. In the summer term, at the end of the child’s academic year there is a written annual report.

When the child first starts school in the autumn we hold information meetings to inform parents/carers of the expectations and routines in their child’s new Year Group. Parents/carers are also invited in for: concerts, assemblies, sports days, busy learning with their child and art exhibitions.

We want to engage with prospective parent/carers so we have open mornings in November and January before Nursery and Reception applications have to be submitted.


 Working with Parents/Carers

We want our children to feel settled at school so the doors are open 5 minutes early. There is a staff member at the door welcoming them into the year group. This is so they feel safe and parents and carers feel reassured that their child is settled.

At the end of the day our policy is to let the child leave through their class door. This is so the teachers or support staff can have daily contact if necessary with parents and carers. Also to ensure a child leaves safely with a known adult.

 If parents or carers want to have a formal meeting with a member of staff they only need to contact the school office and an arrangement will be made.