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In our school we want children to feel safe and happy so that they are able to learn. We want to work closely with and value the role of parents and carers.


Each term we have parent consultation evenings so parents and carers can discuss their child’s learning. In addition there is a written report at the end of the academic year. We hold curriculum sessions so that parents and carers understand how to help their child. Also we have open days so that adults can see their children engaged at school.


Every day the child starts with an adult welcoming them into the year group. This is so they feel safe and parents and carers feel reassured that their child is settled. At the end of the day our policy is to let the child leave through their class door. This is so the teachers or support staff can have daily contact if necessary with parents and carers. Also to ensure a child leaves safely with a known adult.


If parents or carers want to have a formal meeting with a member of staff they only need to contact the school office and an arrangement will be made.