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Parent Comments

Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2 The Centre

“(My child) loves coming to school, she is always so excited to show/tell me what she has learnt/been up to. Her teachers are fantastic, they listen to concerns, but more importantly, they are always so warm and welcoming every day. They have turned a child who had separation anxiety into one so much more comfortable to go in. Thank you!”


“I could not ask for a better nursery for my child. I am happy my child goes and comes happy. I always recommend FHI”.


“(My child) is extremely happy in school, she has made friends and is learning so much. We are extremely happy with how much she has learnt. Thank you to all the teachers”.

“I am very pleased with my child’s progress. She is looking forward to coming to school every day, and I am glad that she feels happy and safe.”


“I am very glad that (my child) is studying at Feltham Hill school. Thank you very much to the teachers. (My child) is making good progress. It is thanks to the excellent work and efforts of the teachers”.


“(My child)’s been happy since September and feels more and more confident. I feel that she trusts her teachers, enjoying coming to school and has learnt a lot already. Thank you!”

“(My child) loves coming to school. The quality of teaching is amazing and (my child) is progressing really well. Thank you for your hard work.”


“I am happy with my child’s progress at school. He feels happy when he comes to school. Teachers are great and hardworking.”


“(My child) is very happy at school and is doing really well. She enjoys learning and is always reading and writing at home.”

“(My child) is very eager to be at school. He is always very excited to tell me what he has been learning and exploring. His knowledge amazes us so much, we are really impressed.”


“My daughter has made tremendous progress in her learning and her self-esteem. I’m grateful to her teachers for providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment and being role models to her.”


“(My child)’s confidence has grown so much since joining the school, and it has been lovely to see his learning flourish. He is very happy here”.

“Thank you for all the love, care and dedication that you put into teaching our child. My daughter is improving day by day. Words cannot capture my appreciation.”


“Thank you to all the staff at the centre for the amazing hard work you do for all our children! (My child) is always excited every day about coming to school to learn and play with his friends.”