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PE around our school

This half term in PE we are learning about gymnastics!


Reception children have been playing games to help them find a space and move around the room safely in different ways. They have started learning some simple rolls such as pencil rolls and egg rolls. They have also been practising balancing and jumping. They have been learning how to do arabesque making sure they keep their leg and arms straight.



Year 1

Year 1 have been practising making different shapes such as pike, straddle and tuck. They can do forward rolls and are beginning to learn backward rolls down a slope with support from Coach Emma. They are starting to learn teddy bear rolls and are learning to do a teddy swing in the straddle position to help them.


Year 2

In Year 2 they are now doing lots of different rolls independently such as teddy bear rolls and forward rolls. They are practising backward rolls with some support from Coach Emma. Their balancing and jumping is improving and they can now run and jump onto a vault, landing on their feet. They have been practising balancing along the thin side of the bench and dipping down their feet on either side.