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Owl Class

Spring 2 - Space

This term we have travelled far, far away, into space. We have learned about the solar system, planets, stars, and even aliens! We now know about the amazing astronauts, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins, who landed on the moon. A visit from the Astronomy Road Show gave us great information about the entire solar system and the Apollo 11 mission.

All of us were so pleased to invite our parents, grandparents, and carers to our busy learning session. We worked together creating model of the solar system from different materials. Size, shape, and texture were all very important when selecting the material. It was such great fun – our parents didn’t want to leave!

The support we received from our amazing parents and carers was clear in our homework.

We have read so many books about space this term… we are well on the way to becoming experts on the topic! We enjoyed describing our small yellow alien friend Beegu and retelling her story. It was very important to use describing words, which we selected very carefully. 

Beegu was the star of our artwork. We are definitely artists in the making! As well as composing a collage, we used soft and oil pastels to create beautiful drawings of the solar system. Everyone was amazed at our play dough aliens! We couldn’t get enough of our busy learning.

As everyone knows, we are great mathematicians. This term we have expanded our knowledge on subtraction and addition with numbers up to 50, using ten frames, cubes, different objects, and mastering number bonds. We were excited to weigh, measure, and compare various objects.

This term in RE we studied Christianity, focusing on symbols, artefacts, and the Easter story. The visit to St. Dunstan Church in Feltham was a great opportunity to visit a place of worship, whilst gaining an understanding of the Christian holiday of Easter. They were very pleased (and surprised!) with our knowledge and courteous behaviour.

Every day has been a new experience and opportunity to learn. We are looking forward to the new term, and a new topic of weather.


Spring 1-  Paws, Claws and Whiskers

This term we have been learning about different animals. Paws, Claws and Whiskers was our new, fascinating topic. We can identify a variety of common animals from different continents.

The visit from Zoo Lab was absolutely amazing. We learnt a lot about different species, we could hold and stroke them.

As always we could count on our supportive families who came to school to talk and show us their lovely pets.


We have read lots of stories about animals. We were very lucky to read few books of Judith Kerr. Our favourite was “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”. We have enjoyed writing the tiger description and retelling the story. We had a chance to have tea with the tiger in our busy learning station. In computing lesson we have used a special app to draw our favourite illustration from the story.


We have a special friend visited us for a whole afternoon .A beautiful tortoise called Genevive made us smile and talk about the responsibilities we have when we have pets.


Everyone knows that we love maths and this term we had a great time counting up to 50. We are practising using number bonds to 20 and 50 as well as adding and subtracting number using part whole model.


In Art we have been exploring different techniques, happily creating a sculpture of tortoise using clay and different tools to add details. We had creating some amazing picture using pointillism.



Autumn 2 - London

After learning lots of interesting things in our Enchanted Woodland topic, we moved to our amazing new topic, London.

We were very excited when we found out that Queen Elizabeth II was about to visit our school. We prepared afternoon tea and patiently waited for her. Unfortunately, Ms Sargent received a phone call that The Queen is extremely busy, and she couldn’t visit us on this occasion. Hopefully next time!


We carefully painted the portrait of her Majesty and learnt a lot about her life and the royal family.

 We know that we live in Great Britain and our unique country is made of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  London is the capital city of England and we learnt the capital city of Wales - Cardiff, Scotland - Edinburgh and Northern Ireland - Belfast. We are now able to locate them on a map.

We sketched some beautiful London landmarks and then painted them in watercolours. We can recognise and name them. Many of us visited London with our families who always support our learning.


In 1666 London was devastated by the Great Fire. In our workshop we acted out this sad story and discover some interesting facts about it.


This term our maths lessons were even more fun. We have compared numbers, used number line, numicorns, ten frames and ten sticks. We entered the world of 2D and 3D shapes. As always, we looked around us to recognise numbers as digits and words. Some of us do this on the way to school, and back home and this is a great game.

In our RE lessons we learnt stories from different religions. We retell them, act them out and write about them. It was very interesting to hear from others and to share our knowledge.

Gymnastics and dance dominated our PE lessons. We challenge ourselves and we are very proud to be amazing gymnasts and dancers. We wish to have PE every day to have fun and to stay fit.

The Christmas show was incredible. From casting to rehearsal, we tried so hard to do our best and we did it! It wasn’t easy, but we know that we need to practise to get better. Our parents cried and laughed watching us and we are very proud of ourselves.

Now its time to relax and enjoy the festive season. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year everyone!


Autumn 1 - Enchanted Woodland

September welcomed us in Year 1 with a beautiful weather and a great topic. We had a chance to learn a lot about different types of trees across England. Owl class is very lucky to have a special tree majestically growing behind our window. Now we know that it is a Turkey Oak tree and that it is a deciduous tree, which changes the colour of its leaves and losing them. On top of that, it has a special type of acorn with hairy cups and our local squirrels just love to eat them.


Now we can sort different types of leaves by looking at their shapes and arrange them into evergreen and deciduous groups.

We impressed Mrs Duda-Religa and Ms Augustine with our amazing homework. They could not believe how busy we have been during our weekends. Whole families showed passion towards our topic with great photos, pictures, and writing. Many of us went to visit Bedfont Lakes, Bushy Park, Virginia Water, or Richmond Park. We even have pictures of incredible trees from other countries! Our wonderful grandparents also helped us to complete our tasks and we did a lot of useful work in their gardens.

We were extremely excited to learn about woodland animals, from non-fiction and fiction books. We know how we call their homes, what they eat, and we can classify them into mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We learnt how to write riddles about them and we read them to our friends; they needed to solve them, it was really fun. We created some amazing pictures of owls and masks of woodland animals using different materials.

Traditional tales were part of our topic. We had a chance to read them in our reading corner and use props and puppets to act them out. We have also learnt how to play board games related to these stories. In our computing lesson we created illustration for Little Red Riding Hood and typed part of the story – it’s not as easy as we thought it would be, but we know that practice leads to progress!

We simply love maths! It was very practical. We couldn’t believe when Mrs Duda-Religa gave us some cars and said “We are going to have a race now!” Soon we found out it was all about ordinal numbers: 1st, 2nd, 3rd – we are now practicing them when we talk about dates and line order. We have used cubes, numicons and different objects to make number bonds to 10. We are learning to write numbers as a word as well.


Stories from different religions inspired us to think about how to be a good person. We just love them. Ms Augustine helped us to understand them really well. We also had a challenge to create a basket from strips of sugar paper. Teamwork was the key to success.

There is a place where we can run around - Coach Emma is always making sure that we are learning and having fun. Balancing, dribbling, jumping and of course good listening she is making sure that we are staying healthy and fit. Who knows, maybe there is another Olympian among us?



And… the learning and fun continues outside. Outside busy learning is full of amazing activities, everyone is happy to learn and have fun. We created a giant from Jack and the Bean Stalk, built some homes for animals, created some art and pretending to be a vet and to look after our animals and even adopt them. We are getting ready for real life.