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Owl Class

Spring 1

This term our topic has been Moon Zoom. We came back after half term to discover a spaceship crash landed in our playground. We had plenty to do when investigating some samples from the wreck in our science lesson. We have been learning about different materials and their properties, and we wrote a report from our visit to the crash site.

Our favourite story this term was a story about Beegu, a friendly alien who was lost and stranded on the Earth. We enjoyed retelling this story, as well as writing descriptions of Beegu. This amazing character came back to life in our Art lesson when we used different media to create pictures of Beegu in front of the big city.

In Maths we continue developing our number knowledge, comparing numbers, finding number bonds, and one more and one less numbers up to 50.

We were very lucky to have visited the local church, St Dunstan’s Church, where vicar Annie explained the concept of baptism and we had a chance to act it out. A big thank you to our fantastic parent and grandparent helpers who supported us on our trip. Also, in our RE lessons we found out how people of different religions welcome new children into their community.

Coach Emma trained us extremely well in our gymnastics block in PE. We are very proud to report that all of us are able to perform front and back rolls with a big smile. We have developed many skills and cannot wait for more PE lessons.

We have many inspirational homework projects decorating our classroom now, thank you everyone for your support.

Our next topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers, where we are going to learn about different animals and of course “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. What about you, you, you?”.


Autumn 2

Our Autumn 2 topic has been London. We were very excited to learn about our capital city and the royal family. We started off with a fantastic workshop about the Great Fire of London. It was very interesting to learn about this significant part of our history.

Gaining knowledge about our Monarchy made us proud to be British. We all had an amazing time exploring London’s famous landmarks and drawing a map to navigate the directions to get there. Everyone had fun using an algorithm to program the Bee-bot to move on their map.

We have enjoyed busy learning both outside and inside. As always, it was very interesting and we felt like we have our little ‘grown-up’ world in front of us with a busy underground station, photo booth and many more places.

Also, this term we had our Christmas Performance. We put our hearts into it, and it was very moving seeing our parents and all the guests speechless (some of them even cried!). Aliens arrived at our school for our Christmas show. We are pleased to let you know they will stay with us for next term, so we are going to learn about Space.


Autumn 1


This half term, our topic in Year 1 has been ‘Enchanted Woodland’.

In English, we have been reading and writing about our favourite animals – we even wrote riddles for each other to solve! Moreover, we were also very enthusiastic to retell the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, as well as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


We have been working on our numbers up to 10 in maths. We now know how to order these numbers, and whether one number is greater or less than another one.

Our art and DT lessons have been great! We loved making our own woodland crowns from the amazing natural resources that we had gathered.

In science, we have studied the differences in types of trees (evergreen and deciduous) as well as learning about their different parts and features.


In geography, we have been learning about maps. We were able to draw a map of the Nursery playground, as well as a map of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey.


We had so much fun this term in music, where we discovered our talents whilst practising playing the beat and learning the words to Teddy Bear’s Picnic song.


With the Rugby World Cup Being on, we have been improving our rugby skills in PE, and have also been challenged to learn the national anthem!

Thank you to all the parents and carers for all your support. Have a great half term.