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Nursery Curriculum 2017-2018

Autumn Term 1

The children will be learning:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development  
  1. to stay at Nursery without a parent/carer
  2. to play alongside other children
  3. to wait for their turn in a small group
  4. to begin to understand good and bad behaviour choices to develop greater confidence & independence


  Physical Development


  1. to use the toilet by themselves
  2. to move confidently  in different ways eg running, jumping, climbing, sliding
  3. to use tools and equipment such as pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, hammers and pegs
  4. to use their hands and tools to manipulate playdough
  5. to pour carefully from a jugto draw lines and circles
Communication and Language  
  1. to talk in a clear voice
  2. to verbally express own needs
  3. to follow directions given by adults
  4. to respond to simple questionsto use simple describing words




  1. to join in with familiar rhymes
  2. to listen and respond to favourite stories
  3. to read familiar signs and logos to have a go at writing (lists/stories/cards)
  1. to say and use number names
  2. to accurately count sets of objects
  3. to sort like objects into groups to respond to and begin to use measuring and shape words


  Understanding the World


  1. to know key places in the nursery environment
  2. to talk about the things they see and their experiences of the world
  3. about Autumnal changes
  4. to develop skill in controlling the computer mouse and in mark-making on the Interactive Whiteboard
Expressive Arts & Design  
  1. to experiment with different media such as paint, glue and collage materials
  2. to express themselves through music and dance
  3. to engage in imaginative play – home corner, building site, train station, garage