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Moon Class

Spring 2- Minibeasts

Moon Class were introduced to their Minibeast topic by going on a bug hunt around the school.  They identified different microhabitats and looked to see which mini beasts live there. 


I have been pleased to see that many children have also been on bug hunts with their parents, in their garden or at local parks. 

The children have really enjoyed learning about the artist Henri Matisse who is famous for his bright collages. Moon Class made their own collage of a minibeast in the style of Henri Matisse.

Some children were lucky enough to do this with their parents when they came in to do Busy Learning alongside their child.


Spring 1 - Towers and Turrets


Our topic about castles had an exciting start with Moon Class dressing up as different characters working or living in a castle. They spent the day experiencing a variety of workshops including sketching portraits, designing a school coat of arms, baking bread or decorating a goblet to use at the feast in the afternoon. Some children learnt jokes, or put together a gymnastics display, to entertain their year group at the feast!

 Moon Class have enjoyed learning about features of a castle such as arrow slits, murder holes and battlements which they were keen to spot on our trip to The Tower of London! They wrote excellent recounts of our exciting day out.

In maths Moon Class have been continuing to learn different mental strategies for addition and subtraction. They have also been learning about multiplication and division, as well as properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend our class assembly and to hear from the children themselves about what they have been learning.

Autumn 2 - Life at Sea!

Moon Class have had a lot of fun this term with the Life at Sea topic. The topic began when we joined Sun Class to do a drama session where the children acted out the rescue story of Grace Darling. As well as being fun, this session really helped the children to know the events that happened and resulted in some excellent written work retelling her story.


During busy learning children wrote a letter in a bottle, identifying which ocean and continent they needed rescuing from! They described what the conditions were like where they were stranded and they wrote some very persuasive letters!

The children have learnt about different explorers including Captain Cook and Christopher Columbus. They enjoyed using atlases to find the countries that Captain Cook visited. They also enjoyed writing questions to ask Sir Walter Raleigh and then took it in turns to ‘Hot Seat,’ where they pretended to be the explorer and answer questions from their friends.


The children enjoyed learning to use a compass, like real explorers!

In Maths we have continued learning how to make amounts of money using different coins, as well as learning to tell the time. Moon Class enjoyed collecting data about their favourite food and putting this data on to a chart.

We have been learning about adjectives and interesting story language. The children had a chance to show what they have learnt when they wrote their own rescue stories with many children using similes and adjectives to make their story more exciting to read.

During busy learning Moon Class were very keen to write their own algorithms using the Scratch programme. We were very impressed with their programming skills!

This topic inspired some excellent poetry, both at school and with homework.  As always we have enjoyed seeing the activities you are doing at home together.

Finally we are very sad that our swimming lessons have now finished! There was a noticeable improvement in their confidence and swimming skills after the term spent swimming. We hope the children will build on this by continuing to go to the pool with their family.

Autumn 1 - Bounce

Moon Class have settled in well to their new class. They were very excited with the introduction to this terms topic called Bounce. The whole year group spent a day playing different ball games. They were split into groups and each group did each of the activities which included, tennis, tag rugby, basketball, marbles and blow football! It was wonderful to see the children being active and enthusiastic for the day. They enjoyed writing a recount of their day and giving their opinion about what they enjoyed most.

The outside busy learning area has allowed children to continue to be active and get fit in the outside gym, at the same time as using maths skills such as counting and measuring time.

All the children have made progress during swimming lessons and it has been a pleasure to see even the least confident children become more comfortable in the pool. Thank you to the parents who give up their time each week to come with us, without them we could not go swimming.

In maths the children have been learning about the value of numbers and are consolidating their understanding of grouping numbers for division and multiplication.

Well done for homework- it is always interesting to see what the children have been learning at home. And just to remind you that reading bags can be returned any day to be changed and spelling/homework books need to be back by Wednesday each week.

I look forward to meeting you all at parents evening!