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Moon Class


Summer 1

Our Science topic Materials got off to a fun, mucky start, with the children working in groups feeling a variety of different materials and listing adjectives to describe how they felt.


The children also enjoyed working with a partner and investigating what happens to materials when water is added. They discussed what they thought would happen before they tested the material and were surprised by some of the results:

‘’ I was surprised that when we added water to the coffee powder it turned the water brown.’’

‘’ I thought when we added water to the oil, the oil would mix in, but it didn’t, the oil floated on the top in bubbles.’’


The workshop by Professor Bubbleworks was very informative and great fun. It resulted in some super writing, recounting what they learnt and which experiments they enjoyed the most.


Well done for some wonderful homework. Reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, obviously inspired some truly disgusting recipes and mixtures! Lots of families also got involved in hunting at home for collections of different materials and looking at what they are used for.

Moon Class really enjoyed celebrating the Royal wedding, especially the celebration picnic! Lots of children enjoyed talking about watching the wedding on TV with their families, made even more exciting because they were at Windsor Castle themselves and in the actual chapel, only a few weeks before, when we were on our school trip!


We are really looking forward to starting swimming lessons on the first day back!

Spring 2

Our topic about castles had an exciting start with Moon Class dressing up as different characters working or living in a castle. They spent the day experiencing a variety of workshops including sketching portraits, designing a school coat of arms, baking bread or decorating a goblet to use at the feast in the afternoon. Some children learnt jokes, or put together a gymnastics display, to entertain their year group at the feast!                           

Moon Class have enjoyed learning about features of a castle. They used this knowledge to spot castle features on our trip to Windsor Castle, such as arrow slits, murder holes and battlements. They wrote excellent recounts of our exciting day out.


In Maths Moon Class have been continuing to learn different mental strategies for addition and subtraction. They have also been learning about fractions and the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Throughout the year the children take part in special days, this half term they dressed up as a book character for World Book day. They also really enjoyed celebrating World Commonwealth Day when they learnt all about India. They used atlases to learn about its main human and physical features. It was fun having a dance workshop led by a professional dancer who taught the children an amazing Bollywood style routine. The children really enjoyed eating the chapatti made by some of the class!



Spring 1

Moon Class enthusiastically started their new topic called Street Detectives with a walk around the local area. They looked at old and new buildings and found out how some buildings have changed over the years.



They enjoyed looking at old photos of Feltham High Street and comparing them to how Feltham looks now. They learnt about how people used to go to lots of different shops (eg butcher, fish monger, greengrocer, baker) and now many people go to a supermarket to buy their weekly shopping.

In art the children learnt about a British artist called Lowery. They learnt about his painting style and had a go at painting a Lowery style picture of Feltham! Many of the children liked how busy his paintings are and enjoyed working at what the people in the paintings might be busy doing.


Street Detectives gave the children an opportunity to look at maps and begin making their own maps of the local area.

In P.E the children have been learning different styles of dance. They also had the chance to work in small groups and make up their own dance to a piece of music. Some of their dances were brilliant!

In maths children have been learning different strategies to help them with mental addition and subtraction. They have enjoyed learning properties of 2d and 3d shapes. Moon Class have also been learning how to read scales in different situations-  e.g. on jugs, thermometers, charts.


Autumn 2

Moon Class thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to their new topic  ‘Life at Sea’. They worked co-operatively in groups to complete physical challenges. One of the most popular challenges was sitting on an upturned boat (mat) and trying to get the boat back up the right way without anyone falling in the water!

We had a visit from the RNLI which taught the children all about how to be safe around water. the visit prompted some great writing!

The children enjoyed running the Feltham Hill RNLI station!

The children enjoyed learning about explorers from the past (Christopher Columbus, Captain Cook) and as well as a modern day explorer called Ellen MacArthur.

In Science they had a lot of fun experimenting to find out what makes something float or sink. And for busy learning they used their knowledge of floating and sinking to make a life jacket for a doll.

In Moon Class the children loved pretending to be explorers and playing a game which taught them about Continents and where different countries are located. They were also inspired to write facts about countries they had ‘discovered’.

In Maths the children have continued to learn 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Also they have been learning to read the time on an analogue clock. The children made a clock to take home to continue this learning!

Autumn 1

The children have settled in well to their new class. They were introduced to their Mini beast topic by going on a bug hunt.  They identified different microhabitats around the school and looked to see which mini beasts live there.


I have been thrilled to see that for Homework some children have also been on bug hunts with their parents, in their garden or at local parks.  We are enjoying looking together at some of the interesting Homework which families are doing- keep it up!


Moon Class thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the bug man who introduced them to a variety of different bugs from around the world, including a scorpion, cockroaches, a millipede, a tarantula and different varieties of stick insects. The children learnt lots of facts about these fascinating bugs. And even children who were a little unsure at first about handling the bugs, gained confidence and were happy to touch.


‘’I wish we could look at them all day’’. Jasmine


‘’The best bit was when the tarantula was on my head because it felt tickly.’’ Iqra


‘’ I learnt that spiders are arachnids.’’ Nicole

‘’I liked seeing the millipede because it was SO long.’’ Jaden

‘’ I liked  learning about the African Emperor Scorpion’’. Anirudh



These real life experiences have inspired the children to do some excellent writing and it has ignited their curiosity, so that they enjoy reading to find facts on the computer or in non-fiction books.

In Mathematics the children have been counting forwards and backwards in 2s,5s and 10s. They are using this knowledge to solve problems. As well as multiplication Moon Class have been learning division.

The children have enjoyed developing their ball skills in PE, including catching, throwing and dribbling. Also many children are keen to achieve the Mile A Day challenge- as they know this will help to keep them fit and healthy. To achieve this they need to do 16 laps of the playground, laps can be added together throughout the school day.