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Moon Class

Spring 1 - Towers and Turrets

This term we have really enjoyed our topic Towers and Turrets! We have learnt so many new and interesting facts! On our first day back we had such a fun time dressing up as people that would have lived in a medieval castle. We turned the big hall into a huge royal banquet and loved showing off our costumes to Ms White and the whole of Year 2!



This term we have also made bread in our cooking session. We each followed a recipe and made yummy bread rolls which we got to take home and eat! They were delicious!



In Maths we have been using our 2, 5 and 10 times tables to solve multiplication and division problems. We have also started practising our 3 times tables! We have also learnt lots about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties! 

Autumn 2 - Life at Sea


This term our topic has been Life at Sea! In moon class we have had lots of fun learning about famous sea explorers and their very different voyages! We looked at older and more modern sea explorers and then made our own timelines which helped us to see the differences between sea explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Dame Ellen MacArthur.



In Geography we have been practising using the Atlases to learn different countries in the United Kingdom and the seas surrounding the UK. We also have enjoyed designing our own Islands with human and physical features. In P.E we have learnt different dance techniques and had lots of fun creating Christmas dances with Coach Emma! We have also been learning about money in Maths which helped us independently buy presents at the Christmas fun morning!





Autumn 1 - Materials

This term we have enjoyed our topic Materials. We had a really fun and messy engage day where we were able to explore the different textures of the materials. We learnt what adjectives were and used lots of different adjectives to describe the materials! The most popular material in our class was the shaving foam because it was really foamy and squishy.

We have really enjoyed becoming scientists this term and doing lots of experimenting! We had an exciting visit from Professor Bubbleworks who showed us lots of experiments. He showed us how gravity pulls objects to the ground and how materials can be mixed together to make slime. Our favourite part was seeing a teacher inside a giant bubble!

We have also been learning about making healthy choices. We learnt that it’s important to eat healthy, exercise and get lots of rest. In our P.E lessons we have been practising different ways to pass a ball. We learnt to shoulder pass, bounce pass and chest pass. We also learnt some rugby skills in P.E to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. Did you know that in rugby you can only pass the ball backwards to your team mate?!